One of the most common stories we publish is the closing of stores and in 2017 there have been quite a few, which is why we are always pleased to see a brand that is growing — and a Canadian brand to boot.

One of the fastest growing bag and accessories companies is Canadian and they do things a little differently. Vegan company Matt & Nat have announced that they will be opening a brand new store at Square One.

The store is set to open this month and will cater to shoppers that are looking for high-quality functional bags and accessories that have all the benefits of a leather bag while being ethically and socially responsible, as well as animal-friendly.

Matt & Nat offer a wide range of vegan products including: purses, clutches, briefcases, yoga bags, duffel bags, knapsacks and more.

The animal-friendly brand continues to be popular and hopefully will continue to make strides with their new store.

Image Source: Instagram/@matt_and_nat

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