Saks Fifth Avenue has revealed that its Canadian salons/spas will be operated by North America’s largest luxury salon provider, based out of New York City.  As well, Saks just launched a short video featuring a real-life Canadian couple as part of its ongoing Canadian marketing campaign.

According to Saks, John Barrett will operate Saks’ first two Canadian salons, as well as take over Saks’ U.S. salon and spa operations. Hairstylist John Barrett opened his first salon in 1996 in the penthouse of department store Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. The company has grown to become the largest collection of luxury salons in the United States, known for exceptional service and talent. Saks says that John Barrett plans to invest heavily in the infrastructure, equipment and technology for each salon location. Salons will be designed byTricarico Architecture and Design, and will be run by staff personally chosen and trained by John Barrett.


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