WINNERS, Marshalls & HomeSense Are Preparing For When Stores Reopen

WINNERS, Marshalls & HomeSense Are Preparing For When Stores Reopen

Editor’s note: For the most current information on TJX stores reopening, check out our latest article.

While non-essential businesses remain closed across Canada, many retailers and restaurants have been pivoting strategies to adjust to the new normal. For some businesses, this has meant offering alcohol sales, building online stores, or offering free shipping to entice shoppers. And for others, it means focusing on what happens when stores are allowed to reopen.

Ernie Herrman, the President Of TJX Companies Inc., recently released a statement about what shopping will look like post-pandemic.

TJX is the company behind WINNERS, Marshalls, and HomeSense, and its locations and warehouses across nine countries have remained closed since the mandatory government shutdowns. But the TJX team hasn’t been sitting idle — they’ve been thinking about what the shopping experience at stores will look like once reopened.

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“No matter where people live in the world, we want our associates and customers to feel confident when they come back to work or shop in our stores,” Herrman said in a letter. Noting that the team has been highly focused on how to operate more safely in the future.

For team members, this includes newly established health protocols, providing personal protective equipment, and implementing social distancing practices. For shoppers, Plexiglas partitions will be installed near cashiers and social distancing markers in queue lines. Shoppers can also expect new processes for handling merchandise returns and enhanced cleaning regiments. As the TJX team returns to distribution centres, there will be new safety protocols to protect the workers’ health as well.

When WINNERS, Marshalls, and HomeSense will reopen is still unknown.

But we can be sure that when they do open, WINNERS, Marshalls, and HomeSense will be prioritizing the health of its staff and customers. If you’ve been missing these stores, be sure to keep your eye on the TJX website for store updates.

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