5 Surprising Reasons Why Cannabis Is Great for Moms

Check out five reasons why I think I can benefit from using cannabis as a new mom.
5 Surprising Reasons Why Cannabis Is Great for Moms

As a first-time mom to be with more than one chronic health condition, I look forward to my postpartum days where I can finally start using cannabis again. I plan on being a pro-cannabis mom helping to break the stigma around motherhood and cannabis. Check out five reasons why I think I can benefit from using cannabis as a new mom.

1. You can use cannabis and NOT get high

As I mentioned, I suffer from chronic health conditions; Chrons’ disease, Colitis, and Fibromyalgia. With those ailments come a lot of pain, discomfort, aches, fatigue, nausea, and much more. Pre-pregnancy I was using cannabis high in CBD, with no THC. Though I love the way THC makes me feel, CBD has been more conducive to my lifestyle, mainly with work. It takes away the pain but without the head high of THC.

2. Cannabis is healthier than alcohol

We all know that alcohol is not healthy, especially for someone with gastrointestinal issues. It’s also probably not your best bet to be drunk with a newborn baby. There are some parallels between cannabis and alcohol, mainly due to the relaxation factor. The differences to me would be the hangover, the stomach aches, and most importantly the lack of quality sleep alcohol causes. To learn more about the pros and cons of cannabis versus alcohol click here.

3. Cannabis might actually improve your health

Researchers are still working to figure out which diseases cannabis can best treat, but when it comes to common symptoms, there is a ton of evidence that cannabis can help with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, pain, and stress. For me, cannabis has helped with the overall quality of life. Since becoming pregnant I have been super excited for what’s to come, however, there has definitely been a shift for the worse in my day to day life, mainly at night time where I would typically consume THC.

4. Cannabis is great for sex

Having a child doesn’t mean your sex life needs to suffer, though many moms may think it will. Your body will look different, your mindset will be different, you’ll be overtired, and you’ll have to deal with raging hormones. Studies have shown that regular cannabis consumers have more sex. Hempster, our favourite cannabis education resource offers three ways to make cannabis your gateway drug to sex.

5. You do not need to consume cannabis orally

As mentioned in point one, you do not need to get high consuming cannabis. It’s so exciting to see new topicals and CBD products coming onto the market that are safe for moms to use. Cannabis can alleviate your pain and you don’t need to do anything different than you were before. You can infuse your bath salts, soaps, and creams to get the same effects as with consumption.

Last month I attended the Hempster Loves Moms for their inaugural Mother’s Day event. Check out details from the event here.

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