These 6 Degrees Will Land You the Highest Paying Jobs

These 6 Degrees Will Land You the Highest Paying Jobs

Choosing a career shouldn’t be all about the money, but when you’re forking over a small fortune for a degree, it can’t hurt to learn more about your future earning potential.

Fortunately, thanks to job site, we have some insight into which degrees lead to the highest-paying jobs. They analyzed over 4 million resumes to identify the most popular majors among Canadian graduates. They then conducted research to determine the typical roles people with these degrees usually have, and their corresponding salaries.

From STEM programs to the Arts, here are the degrees that garner the highest entry-level paycheques.

1. Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

If you know your way around GitHub and can write clean code, you will be rewarded handsomely in the Canadian job market. Junior level Software Engineers earn the most according to Indeed’s data, with an annual salary of $80,743.

2. Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is one of the most demanding majors, but fortunately, all of that hard work and time spent studying in the library will likely pay off — literally. Entry-level Mechanical Engineers typically make around $72,453 a year.

3. Bachelor of Arts – History

What can you do with a History degree? Apparently, many forgo the academic route and end up in the corporate world instead. According to Indeed, most History graduates enter the workforce as Business Development Managers, with a corresponding salary of $67,520.

4. Bachelor of Commerce – Finance

Unsurprisingly, a degree in Finance will often pave the way to a lucrative career post-graduation. What is surprising is where the entry-level salary ranks on this list. Indeed’s research indicates that newbie Financial Analysts only earn an average yearly salary of $63,544.

5. Bachelor of Business Administration

Even if you don’t specialize in a particular niche, a Business degree is still a solid choice if you’re looking for a well-paying career. A role as a Junior Account Manager will net you, on average, $59,319 a year.

6. Bachelor of Education

While teaching jobs are famously competitive in Canada, if you do manage to snag one of the coveted entry-level positions, your annual salary will be quite comfortable. On average, new teachers take home about $59,025 a year.

Are you surprised by the degrees that will land you the highest paying jobs?

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