9 Iconic Luxury Accessories You Can Buy for Under $500

From small leather goods to costume jewellery that looks anything but cheap, we’ve rounded up 9 of the best luxury accessories you can buy for under $500.

When most of us think “luxury,” we picture a $5,000 Chanel bag or $3,000 Burberry trench coat we can’t afford. But have you ever thought to look in the accessories department? From small leather goods to costume jewellery that looks anything but cheap, we’ve rounded up 9 of the best luxury accessories you can buy for under $500.

1. Gucci Pink GG Marmont Card Holder


Trust us, when you pull this more-expensive-than-it-looks Gucci cardholder out of your purse, people are going to assume you’ve got some serious cash in there – even if you don’t.

Buy It: Gucci Pink GG Marmont Card Holder, $295, at SSENSE

2. Gucci Black GG Belt


Accessorizing with this $420 Gucci belt is a great way to make your entire outfit look super expensive. Even if your top is from Forever 21 and your jeans are from Zara.

Buy It: Gucci Black GG Belt, $420, at SSENSE

3. Bottega Veneta Cat Eye Sunglasses

Image: Nordstrom

Ask any luxury maven and they’ll tell you that designer sunglasses are a great long-term investment. Especially when they’re as chic and timeless at this pair by Bottega Veneta.

Buy It: Bottega Veneta 61mm Cat Eye Sunglasses, $490.94, at Nordstrom

4. Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet

Image: Farfetch

When considering the steep price of their shoes and handbags, anything less than $500 for a YSL item is practically a steal – like this beautiful beige wallet you’ll have forever.

Buy It: Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet, $470, at Farfetch

5. Chanel Silver Metal Ring


Image: Chanel

After buying this silver metal ring for only $465 (cheap for Chanel!), you’ll probably feel like you’re on cloud nine. While at the same time looking for any excuse to give people the finger.

Buy It: Chanel Silver Metal Ring, $465, at Chanel

6. Chanel Gold & Black Earrings

Image: Chanel

Another Chanel accessory definitely worth purchasing is this pair of gold and black earrings. Not only do they have the ability to add an element of class to any outfit, but you’ll be able to pass them down to your future granddaughter – and that’s priceless!

Buy It: Chanel Gold & Black Earrings, $465, at Chanel

7. Prada Leather Gloves

Image: Prada

Who wouldn’t want to slip their hands into a luxurious pair of Prada leather gloves on a cold winter’s day? Which you’ll probably be hoping for more of just so you have an excuse to wear them.

Buy It: Prada Leather Gloves, $480, at Prada

8. Hermès Hapi 3 bracelet

Image: Hermès

When it comes to luxury, Hermès is the crème de la crème. So why wouldn’t you want to have their exquisite leather wrapped around your wrist (three times to be exact)?

Buy It: Hermès Hapi 3 Bracelet, $420, at Hermès

9. Missoni Zigzag Knit Scarf

Image: Nordstrom

For those of you who want to invest in a designer accessory with a splash of colour, a Missoni scarf is a great decision. And for only $225, a smart one too.

Buy It: Missoni Zigzag Knit Scarf, $225.02, at Nordstrom

Which of these luxury accessories would you buy? Let us know in the comments!