Canadian Designer Hilary MacMillan Is Creating Masks For Frontline Workers

Canadian Designer Hilary MacMillan Is Creating Masks For Frontline Workers

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to spread, medical centres and essential businesses are running out of the necessary supplies needed to protect workers and visitors.

We’ve seen companies all over the world leverage their assets to support the fight for coronavirus prevention and many Canadian companies have stepped up as well, including Canadian fashion designers like Hilary MacMillan.

hilary macmillan masks

Hilary MacMillan and her team have begun to sew masks for frontline workers and she’s encouraging capable fans to do the same.

Using upcycled fabrics, her team of sewers is working on creating non-medical grade masks for frontline workers like pharmacy employees.

“This week we started producing non-medical grade masks out of upcycled fabrics for frontline workers. With our staff of 3 sewers we made 100 masks by Friday that are headed to a pharmacy,” the Toronto-based designer shared on Instagram. “Since announced, we have received a ton of requests from cab companies, animal shelters and now Michael Garron Hospital. We will be ramping up production to continue doing our part to #flattenthecurve.”

Hilary MacMillan also urged those capable to do the same, saying, “What can you do? Donate any PPE you have, stay inside, or if you’re able and willing, you too can make masks.”


Michael Garron Hospital, based in East York, is just one of the hospitals that are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE).

In order to operate safely, the hospital requires 1000 masks a week. “We want to see all east enders wearing a fabric mask when they need to be within six feet of other people, especially vulnerable populations and the elderly,” the hospital’s Medical Director Dr. Jeff Prowis said.

The masks produced will be distributed to approved hospital visitors, discharged patients, and the broader community to help prevent disease transmission.

Those who are interested in giving back by helping produce non-medical grade masks can head to the Michael Garron Hospital website for more information like mask patterns and where to donate.

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