The 6 Most Trusted Online Stores According To Thousands Of Canadians

The 6 Most Trusted Online Stores According To Thousands Of Canadians

The internet wasn’t always the reliable source for shopping that it is today. But now there are thousands of e-commerce stores to choose from when it comes to shopping the web — sometimes it’s almost too hard to choose where to shop next.

Canadians, however, do have some top choices of go-to’s.

Leading market research firm BrandSpark International recently surveyed thousands of Canadians to find out which online retailers they trust the most.

The company surveyed 6,900 Canadians to find the most trusted online stores and brands in 61 different e-commerce and service categories. Through the surveys, BrandSpark International found some interesting factors in how Canadian shoppers grew their trust.

For example, 71% of Canadian shoppers gave more trust to retailers that published unfiltered customer reviews — a majority of the shoppers even noted that they wouldn’t purchase a certain product if it didn’t have any reviews. Many Canadian shoppers — 75%, in fact — said they trusted companies that listen to online reviews and feedback as it shows more care for customers and accountability. And 66% of shoppers said that they appreciate discounts and offers that are tailored to their interests.

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In the vote, there was one obvious winner.

In 24 different e-commerce categories that ranged from clothing to major home appliances, one online retailer dominated, scoring the most trusted title in 18 categories. That retailer is Amazon. According to the study, two in three Canadians surveyed said that Amazon changed the way they shop, both in-store and online. With Amazon, shoppers are able to better research products, buy a larger variety, compare prices, and even make fewer trips to stores.

Some other notable retailers that earned the most trusted merit include Sephora, Old Navy, and Best Buy.

Take a peek at the full list of BrandSpark International’s most trusted online stores:



Baby & Children’s Clothing

Old Navy / Carter’s OshKosh / The Children’s 
Place (tie)

Baby Supplies / Gear


Beauty & Cosmetics




Cameras & Photography Supplies


Electronic Gaming / Videogames


Health & Wellness


Home Décor

Amazon / Wayfair (tie)

Home Entertainment (Televisions, Stereos, etc.)

Amazon / Best Buy (tie)

Home Improvement / Renovation

The Home Depot

Household Cleaning & Laundry Products


Housewares / Kitchenware


Laptop / Desktop Computers

Best Buy

Major Home Appliances

The Home Depot



Men’s Clothing / Fashion


Personal Electronics (Headphones, Bluetooth 
Speakers, etc.)


Pet Food & Supplies


Recreation & Outdoor Gear


Shoes / Footwear


Small Home Appliances


Sporting Goods

Sport Chek

Toys & Games


Women’s Clothing / Fashion

Amazon / Hudson’s Bay (tie)

And if you’re interested, you can see the most trusted service providers in the official press release.

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