15 Of The Most Outrageous Outfits From ‘Tiger King’

If you haven’t lost your self in the phenomenon that is Tiger King, I envy you. Not because you shouldn’t watch it, but because you get to enjoy the series with a set of fresh eyes. The world of exotic tigers and animals, or more so, the people behind the exotic animals is wild beyond belief.

Each episode in the docuseries is full of twists and turns. The drama revolving around the eclectic individuals involved — from Carole Baskin, Doc Antle, John Finlay, and Joe Exotic — is shocking and strangely addictive. Their world is so outrageous, it seems surreal…and the outfits they wear are pretty interesting, too.

Whether you’ve watched the Netflix Originals series or not, these crazy outfits from Tiger King are worth taking a peek at.

And hey, they might even give you a little inspiration for your next themed Zoom party or Halloween costume.

1. The matching pink outfits Joe, John, and Travis Maldonado wore when they got married.


2. The outfit Doc Antle wore at a black-tie event with his wives.

Tiger-king-fashion (1)

3. Just one of Carole’s many animal-print shirts and flower crown combinations.


4. Joe’s sequin shirt.


5. And this sequin shirt that Joe loved so much he got in a second colour.


6. What matches with cat print? According to Carole, more cat prints!


7. Joe isn’t afraid to accessorize. He wears the multiple earring and choker trends like a pro.

joe-exotic-fashion (1)

8. Joe is also the king of fringe leather jackets.

joe-exotic-fashion (2)

9. The EMS jacket Joe threw on after his employee was attacked by a tiger.

joe-exotic-fashion (3)

10. Another sequin shirt from Joe — this time in pink!

joe-exotic-fashion (4)

11. The priest outfit Joe wore in his “Here Kitty Kitty” music video. Fun fact: He’s actually an ordained minister in Oklahoma.

joe-exotic-fashion (5)

12. This throwback of Carole Baskin wearing a printed scrunchie to feed a new cub.

carole-baskin-fashion (1)

13. The outfits Carole and Howard wore on their wedding day.

carole-baskin-fashion (2)

14. The flower crown and animal print combo that fake Carole wore in Joe’s “Hello Kitty Kitty” music video.

carole-baskin-fashion (3)

15. And last, but not least on our list of outrageous outfits from Tiger King is a cowboy-inspired outfit that features handcuffs as a belt accessory.


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