Police Raid Turns Up Counterfeit Goods Being Sold At A Store In North York

An Anti-Counterfeit conference took place in Toronto, next to a boutique selling counterfeit goods…

A counterfeit conference was held at the Novotel Hotel in North York, while an officer was speaking of counterfeit goods, how they can be dangerous, and what people need to look for when trying to identify fake products. Meanwhile, just a door or two away, a store was caught selling counterfeit goods – luxury purses; ironic.

An attendant of the conference spoke with CP24 of how it has happened before, where locations near a conference on anti-counterfeiting are being held are selling counterfeit products.

Officers from 55 Division got a search warrant, which produced fake luxury purses including “Gucci” and “Michael Kors”, it was said of the store there was, “blatant counterfeiting on display”. The store selling the counterfeit luxury goods was “a door or two away” said an attendant of the conference.

Tips given on how to better assess whether an item is counterfeit were given: “Take a look at the packaging, find out where the product is manufactured… if you’re looking at something that is too good to be true, maybe too cheap, ask if they have a website, because if the product does not, it’s certainly a possibility it is counterfeit.”