There Was A Huge Police Raid At This Mall Yesterday

Shopping centre in Markham, Pacific Mall was busted by thirty police officers yesterday at 12 pm. They seized thousands of counterfeit items, from handbags to iPhone accessories, along with a quantity of cash. The mall is well-known for carrying counterfeit goods, and is one of the largest Asian shopping centres in Canada, with 500 stores and 100 market vendors.

The raid was part of a months-long investigation into the counterfeit merchandise scene at Pacific Mall, after complaints from citizens about fake goods being sold at the mall. Further search warrants will be executed in storage facilities relating to the identified kiosks.

“In some cases, legitimate retailers are duped into unknowingly selling fake products to consumers, while in other cases, the retailer is aware of what is being sold. Those retailers are subject to criminal charges under the Copyright Act, which can be punishable by fines of up to $1 million or imprisonment of up to five years.”

Source: York Regional Police
Featured Image: Instagram/@nbkphotography