10 Local Coffee Shops To Support During The Holidays

10 Local Coffee Shops To Support During The Holidays

There’s nothing better than having a fresh cup of joe in the morning or walking around the streets with a yummy mocha latte made from your local coffee shop. With the difficulty that businesses are facing these days, it’s always a great idea to support local shops as much as you can. So, enjoy a delicious beverage for take-out and help out a businesses at the same time.

Here are local coffee shops to support during the holidays.

Rooster Coffee House

Rooster Coffee House has three locations, one on Broadview Avenue, King Street East, and Jarvis Street.The company works closely with its roasting partners at Pilot to create the signature Rooster Blends. It has a rotating lineup of incredible and sometimes award-winning single origin coffees from all over the world.

Hale Coffee Company

Hale Coffee Company has a location in Toronto on Campbell Avenue in the Junction Triangle. Stop by for a beverage and baked goods, or even order online to get fresh coffee grounds to your door.

White Squirrel Coffee

Located on Queen Street in the Trinity Bellwoods area, White Squirrel Coffee is a relaxed coffee shop that serves organic coffee, as well as fantastic ice cream and other goodies.

Dineen Coffee Co.

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Dineen Coffee Co. has three locations across Toronto which includes Yonge Street, Bay Street, and Gerrard Street East. The first cafe on Yonge Street was built in the historic Dineen Building. This was once home to W. and F. Dineen Co., who originally made fur clothing. The building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto, and is listed as a Toronto Heritage Property.

NEO Coffee Bar

You can enjoy NEO Coffee Bar as takeout or delivery. It’s located in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood on Frederick Street and is the perfect shop to grab your caffeine fix.

Versus Coffee Bar

Versus Coffee opened its doors in summer 2016 in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood which is in the heart of downtown Toronto. At Versus Coffee the concept is simple, friendly people, quality products and unique atmosphere.

Strange Love Coffee

Strange Love Coffee first opened shop in 2017 and has locations at Spadina Avenue and Queen Street West in Toronto. It has a bunch of classic blends as well as new and adventurous ones.

The Library Specialty Coffee

Coffee and baked goodsβ€”name a better duo. This cozy shop is located at Dundas Street West in Toronto has everything you’d ever want when making a coffee run.

Field Trip Cafe

Enjoy takeout at this local coffee shop. Field Trip Cafe, which is located at Westmoreland Avenue, was inspired by the idea of an old-school classroom, with green chalk boards displaying the menu.

Bulldog Coffee

Known for its super cool drinks like the rainbow latte and marshmallow latte, Bulldog Coffee definitely sticks out from the crowd. It’s located on Granby street in Toronto, so if you live close, you should check out one of its inventive beverages.

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