UNIQLO Just Opened A Brand New Space In Toronto

UNIQLO Just Opened A Brand New Space In Toronto

If you live in t-shirts and jeans, then we’ve got some exciting news for you.

A new spot for fun and fresh graphic tees recently opened in Toronto, and it carries close to 1,000 different styles.

uniqlo toronto expansion

UNIQLO T-shirts, otherwise known as UT, opened in CF Toronto Eaton Centre earlier this month.

UT lives in a new third floor extension, steps above UNIQLO CF Eaton Centre‘s second level, adding 2,340-square-feet to the store. The space is dedicated solely to UNIQLO’s collection of Spring/Summer t-shirts, amounting to nearly 1,000 different patterns.

uniqlo expansion

The steps up to the new third floor flash notable collections on the LED displays.

The entire space is mirrored, giving it the illusion of being much larger than it actually is, and LED scrolling signs line the entirety of the space.

On the back wall adjacent to the entry, t-shirts are on display behind glass, giving shoppers the opportunity to scope out the latest styles the 2019 Spring/Summer UT collection. Here, they’ll find collections like SUPER MARIO FAMILY MUSEUM, Star Wars, MARVEL x JASON POLAN, SPRZ NY, Andy Warhol, and so many more in both men and women’s sizes.

uniqlo toronto expansion

The UT Collection is as diverse as Toronto, making CF Toronto Eaton Centre the ideal location for the expansion.