5 Reasons to Check Out Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto

With so many sports bars being overpriced these days, Gretzky’s restaurant offers huge portions and quality ingredients at affordable prices.
5 Reasons to Check Out Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto

Whether you’re a sports fan or just a lover of great food, chances are, you are already familiar with this iconic restaurant & sports bar devoted to hockey great Wayne Gretzky. Not only is this restaurant the best place to watch your favourite sports with a group of friends, it is also a great spot to grab a tasty snack at an affordable price. Check out 5 reasons why we love Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto.

  1. It’s their 25 year anniversary and they have revamped the menu!

The new menu features some of our favourite items including the crunchy flash fried cauliflower with Franks hot sauce in the dusting. We were also obsessed with the buttermilk chicken fingers with fries cooked in beef tallow. To make the chicken fingers, they dip them in buttermilk and batter, fry, and then repeat both those steps for the perfect tender chicken finger. Not to be missed is the massive grilled cheese paired with house-made tomato soup for dipping!

  1. Great place to watch sports

If you can’t physically be at a Leafs, Raps, Jays, or TFC game, this is the spot to watch it. With surround TVs at every corner, you will not miss a play. It’s also a great place for large groups!

  1. Walkability

This is the perfect spot to grab a snack or dinner before or after any sporting event downtown, in case you could grab some tickets. Whether you are checking out the Jays at the Roger’s Centre or the Raptors or Leafs at the ACC, this spot is less than 10 minutes away!

  1. FUN

From the second you enter the restaurant you are immersed in a sports lovers world. From Gretzky’s signature on each table to the million TVs, to the memorabilia exhibit in the back of the restaurant, it’s pure fun to hang out there!

  1. Value

With so many sports bars being overpriced these days, Gretsky’s is great on value with huge portions and quality ingredients, and amazing prices. Check out our pics if you don’t believe us!

Have you visited Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto? Let us know about your experience in the comment section.

Featured image: Instagram/ @waynegretzkysto

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