Where to Go Swimming in Toronto

From community pools to swanky rooftops, Toronto has an overflowing list of pools to dive into. But if you’re not sure where you should jump in, we’ve pooled together a list of where to go swimming in Toronto for you.

Taking a dip in a refreshingly cool pool is a haven on those hot delirious summer days. Not that we’re complaining, but on those smouldering afternoons where you just need to beat the heat, swimming pools will usually do the trick. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite pools, from rooftop terraces to community-based pools to help you keep your cool this summer.where to go swimming in toronto

The Thompson Hotel Pool

If swanky is your style, then the rooftop pool at Thompson Hotel is where you need to be. Even though it’s meant for members and guest key holders, we’re sure you’ve got a friend or two or maybe you’ll make a friend in the lobby that can get you to the top. We promise that the view is worth it.

Image via @stephiexsartori
where to swim in toronto

Sheraton Centre Hotel Pool

For only $35 for the day, Sheraton will allow you to swim around in Toronto’s largest indoor and outdoor heated pool. Located on Queen Street, this pool is complete with a poolside bar (serving up specialty drinks) and lots of lounge chairs. This paradise is open from 7am to 10pm, every day of the week.

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where to swim in toronto

Cabana Pool Bar

If you’re looking for some more lively action, follow the younger crowds to the daytime party pool at Cabana Pool Bar. Located at 11 Polson Street, this pumping pool party costs $20 for admission and $10 for pool access. The music is booming, while some pretty vixen or handsome hottie is serving you drinks dressed in all white. All that swimming worked up an appetite? Grab some grub by Oliver & Bonacini by the pool.

Image via @Cabanapoolbar



If you’re looking for the latest in rooftop pools, patios and bars, then you’ll want to hit up the latest watering hole at Lavelle. Located at 627 King Street West, this oasis was meant for residents of the condominium but is open to the residents of Toronto as well. Three pools are dispersed evenly throughout the rooftop varying in depths. Hungry? Thirsty? Hot? All of the above? Then this hotspot is the place. A yearly membership is required for access, but you can always register on-site.

Image via Aly Zorn

If fancy rooftop pools aren’t really your thing, Toronto has a long list of public pools open to everyone who just needs to beat the heat. Most of them are free and all do the job of keeping you cool during some intense rays.
where to swim in toronto

Sunnyside Gus Ryder

If you just look past the black iron fence, you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. With the lake, sand, beach and park all nearby, you’ll feel like you’ve almost left Toronto and stepped into a whole new city just by spending the day at Gus Ryder pool.

Image via @fitzroyboutique

where to swim in toronto

High Park

Whether you’re 12, 22, 32, etc.., this pool will never get old. Fully equipped with a water slide, the High Park pool accepts all child-like adult swimmers. With both regular and kiddie-sized pools, this pool is perfect for all ages and has free parking nearby.

Image via @navirep where to swim in toronto

Alex Duff Christie Pits Pool

Again, this pool had us at water slide! This pit stop draws both families and hipsters to its 25m-lap pool, kiddie pool and massive hot tub, which has been officially named as the “warm conversation pool.”

Image via @loveskinttowhere to swim in toronto


Much like Sunnyside, this outdoor pool has a breathtaking view of the scenery surrounding. This fairly large pool has a water slide (of course) and it’s also close to tennis courts and football fields, great for going for a dip after a competitive match.

Image via @lilcals

Did we miss any of the best pools in Toronto? Let us know in the comment section below.

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