With the Madewell x Buffy Collection, You Can Wear a Duvet

With the Madewell x Buffy Collection, You Can Wear a Duvet

Now that many of us are back in lockdown, all we want is to stay warm and wrapped up in our duvets all day. With the new Madewell x Buffy collection, you can.

The Madewell x Buffy collection is what happens when clothing and bedding come together: using the foundations of its comfy comforters and sheets, bedding brand Buffy teamed up with Madewell to make our dreams come true by literally turning a duvet into a coat (and many other items as well).

The Madewell x Buffy collection was created with comfort in mind.

Madewell x Buffy Eye Mask, $33.50

The bleached linen colour of the puffer jacket ($345.45) makes it look (and feel) like a cloud. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, too. The coat is made of recycled materials, including PrimaLoft insulation, which is created with recycled water bottles. (One coat uses 18 plastic bottles.)

While the puffer coat might be the star of the show, the mini collection is full of other cozy items as well. The quilted eye mask ($33.50) comes in antique white and dusty blush. It also completely shuts out the light to help you get a good night’s sleep. Wearing the mittens ($60.25) is like slipping your hands into little puffs of air. By the same token, the muffler ($73.65) feels as though you’ve wrapped a pillow around your neck.

Being bundled up in your duvet is like receiving a warm hug, and with this collection, you can feel embraced all day.

The collection is available on the Madewell website now.

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