You Can Now Take Workout Classes At The Immersive Van Gough Exhibit

You Can Now Take Workout Classes At The Immersive Van Gough Exhibit
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Have you ever dreamt of doing some arm workouts under the “Starry Night”? Well, now you totally can. The Immersive Van Gough exhibit has the artist’s famous paintings projected on all of the walls and floor.

The space is now offering Barre Flow fitness, which began on August 21. 

The unbelievably cool event is hosted by dancer and trainer, Amy Walsh. Classes are held every Friday morning for 40 minutes at 7:30 a.m. from now until September 4. The fitness classes are $20 each and designed for individuals of all strength levels, so anyone can feel free to join and experience the workout. 

The class begins before the exhibit opens, so the area is fully cleaned and sanitized before guests tour the art space.

With the area of the exhibition being quite large, individuals who sign up for classes are able to safely social distance in their own marked circles. 

Of course with taking precautions of the pandemic, spaces are limited, so if you’re interested, be sure to email to get more information and sign up. 

On the other hand, If you’re not interested in getting sweaty, the Immersive Van Gough exhibit will be in Toronto until November 1 to explore.

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