Completely decorating ones home can be daunting. One can easily blow their intended budget without even trying. The best way to save your money while putting the finishing touches on your humble abode is to know where to look. Here’s our list of the best places to score great home stuff for cheap! We know our list won’t be complete so if you have any suggestions please let us know (list appears in no particular order).

B&J Trading Company

378 Spadina Avenue – Toronto

Located in the heart of China Town, B&J Trading co. is a go to spot for plates, bowls and almost everything kitchen wise. Most of the goods here are asian inspired, so you can often find beautiful tableware with whimsical designs. What’s great about this place, is that the price is right, locals say it beats the dollar store in most categories.

Kitchen Stuff Plus Outlet

76 Orfus Road – Toronto

If you’ve been into one of Kitchen Stuff Plus’ regular retail locations, you know they often have pretty great deals on everything kitchen. What’s great about the Outlet location, is that if your not that picky about brand, you can almost always find a deal on any small appliance you might be looking for. Toasters, mixers, and other similar items are often found anywhere from 20%-50% off. Definitely worth a trip.

Parliament Furniture

465 Parliament Street

You just moved. Your old couch doesn’t fit in your new apartment, and you need a cheap replacement because you blew your budget on the move. Parliament Furniture is your answer. Cheap furniture for people on a budget. Simple as that.


Multiple Locations

It’s pretty obvious that Ikea would make this list, but it truly is one of the best places to get great good looking furniture for better than designer furniture store prices. Getting a couch for under 2,000 is a breeze, and many range from $599- $1000. Make sure to stop in and munch on some hot dogs, or cinnamon buns.

Putting the finishing touches on your house can be tricky. If you think the route is to cover your walls with some pretty images, is a pretty good start. Browse thousands of images that can easily be converted into framed prints. $20- $50 will get you in the door.

If you just quickly jumped over to and found that your tastes are more upscale, than is for you. Thousands of archival prints from some of the world’s best museums and collections are at your finger tips. A print alone will run you anywhere from $25- $200, framed $40-$400. Not exactly cheap, but you have finer tastes right? 

Handmade touches often add flare to homes. For most of us, crafting a beautiful bookshelf or painting is but a dream. Enter Etsy. allows the craft-challenged to decorate their home with unique house ware with that home made look. Esty is a great place to get almost everything house and home and often in unique variations. Variations that will help make your pad blog worthy. Due to the fact that most of the products on etsy are hand crafted, prices can be expensive. But it is still significantly cheaper than if you bought the same thing in a designer boutique. We absolutely love these bamboo book shelves.

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