If you’re a huge Drake fan, you probably already know that the Toronto-born rapper recently opened up shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

Just days prior to OVOFEST, Drizzy released a video rolling through the uptown mall with his crew atop a Cadillac Escalade, decked out in OVO gear to announce the official store opening.

As expected, a huge crowd lined up outside the store anticipating the opening on Saturday, August 5th.

ovo yorkdale ovo yorkdale

Spanning 1,600-square feet, the store features a marble exterior with gold detailing; a truly luxurious space for the Yorkdale shopper. Mirrored walls and golden fixtures show off the OVO apparel, which consists of capsule collections and exclusive drops.

ovo yorkdale ovo yorkdale

What do you think of the new OVO Yorkdale store?

All images courtesy of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. 

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