There are a lot of people who find warehouse sales intimidating but personally, I find the hunt thrilling. I once found a pair of Chloe mules and Derek Lam heels for $75 each, which wouldn’t of been possible if I didn’t put my shopping sleuth skills to test. Sure warehouse sales are huge, sometimes messy, and sometimes you have to fight for what you want, but within those piles is a deal you can’t miss out on and saving money on quality goods is an adrenaline rush that really gets your blood pumping! For seasoned warehouse sale shoppers – read the tips below as a refresher and for the warehouse sale virgins or timid shoppers – read the tips below to help build a strategy that’ll get you the most bang for your buck while overcoming awe.

1. Dress appropriately.

Ladies, leave you heels at home and grab the most comfortable shoes you own because you could be in for a lot of walking! We’re not kidding when we say that these warehouse spaces are huge and to find that perfect item, you might have a lot of circles to walk in. It’s also important to wear clothing and footwear that’s easy to take on and off incase you want to try items on. Most warehouse sales feature communal change rooms instead of individual ones (don’t worry, there are typically separate ones for men and women!), so be prepared to get down to your skivvies in a room full of others and leave your modesty at home!

2. Plan your time accordingly.

If you have dinner plans at 6:30pm, don’t expect to show up at the warehouse sale at 6pm and be out on time! In all actuality, you’ll probably need to give yourself at least a few hours to sift through every pile, rack and row. The best time to hit up a warehouse sale is as soon as it opens – everything should be organized from the night before and they usually replenish the stock at the beginning of everyday. If you’re looking for the best savings, then check out the sale the last couple of days. For mega savings, check out the sale the last few hours of the last day – however, be prepared for a mess and over picked stock. All that sifting is just a small price to pay for the huge discounts you’re about to save!

3. Come energized!

As you can imagine (or already know), all of that searching and sifting gets exhausting. Shopping is a huge work-out (or so I’d like to convince my boyfriend)! Make sure you don’t arrive on an empty stomach because you’re sure to leave in bad mood with no finds. Pack a little snack and a water bottle to keep you refreshed.

4. Leave your big bags at home.

Leave your backpacks, tote bags and big purses at home. First off, they’re going to be super heavy and annoying to lug around for the hours you might be there. Secondly, for security purposes, many sales don’t allow big bags inside and you will probably be asked to leave it outside or in your car.

5. Be rational with your purchases.

$25 for a pair of shoes is a crazy deal with huge savings, but do you really need 5 pairs? Don’t be blinded by the sales because that’s a sure fire way to end up with a case of buyers remorse. Think about if you would be buying the item if it were full price – do you really love it that much? Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the items that are in the warehouse sale are there because that particular trend is on it’s way out or it couldn’t be sold at regular price in store. Buying only what you need, what you really want or sticking to the classics is the best way to ensure you won’t have any shopping regrets since all sales are typically final at these kinds of events.

6. Patience is a virtue.

Like I said earlier, you’ve got hours of sifting ahead of you. Although things are “organized” by size and category, it’s impossible for the sales staff to keep tabs on what everyone is doing with the merchandise all the time and sometimes things get messy. The sales staff are doing their best jobs – so try not to get frustrated at them! There are also tons of people trying things on, so if you see someone grab something you love, sometimes it’s best to wait around – it might not fit them and they might put it back! And did we mention lines? Lines to get into a sale and to check out are gonna be long, but again, it’s just a small price to pay for what you’re gonna save! Think about bringing some music or your phone along to keep you distracted – sometimes these sales even have free wifi!

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