10 Reasons To Travel To Northern Vancouver Island This Summer

These are our top reasons to go to northern Vancouver Island and everything in between Nanaimo and Tofino this summer.
10 Reasons To Travel To Northern Vancouver Island This Summer

Canada is filled with hidden treasures, one of them being the northern towns of Vancouver Island. We recently took a trip to the island with Buick to drive through the mountains and discover all its gems.

These are our top 10 reasons to go to northern Vancouver Island and everything in between Nanaimo and Tofino this summer.

  1. To surf in Tofino
Lucas Scarfone

Located at the tip of the main island is Tofino, known as Canada’s surf capital. Surf competitions are held here frequently especially closer to the summer season. If you do try surfing, Surf Sisters will help you out with surf gear rentals and lessons.

  1. To dine at Wolf in the Fog

Wolf in the Fog is a restaurant in Tofino’s town centre that was named Canada’s 48th best restaurant by Canada’s Best 100 this year. You’ll taste some of the best seafood from Halibut and oysters to muscles and squid. Their chocolate mousse cake dessert is also to die for.

  1. To satisfy your sweet tooth at Coombs Candy
Lucas Scarfone

Located among the mountains on the side of the roads is Coombs, one of Canada’s oldest candy factories. Everything is made in-house and sold fresh. It’s easily known as Vancouver Island’s sweetest secret.

  1. To drive through the winding roads between the mountains
Lucas Scarfone

To get to Tofino, we recommend starting at Nanaimo and driving the three hours. This way, you’ll experience the essence of the mountains around you and you can easily stop by Coombs Candy 45 minutes into your road trip.

  1. To boat through the marinas
Lucas Scarfone

Surrounding Vancouver Island are roughly 30,000 more islands with plenty of oyster farms, float houses and water creatures to spot. Take a boat tour through the various marinas to experience the other islands around.

  1. To hike the wild pacific trail in Ucluelet

The wild pacific trail was rated the number one activity to do on Vancouver Island by Trip Advisor. The trail is a light hike with multiple viewpoints of the ocean, beaches, and forests surrounding the area.

  1. To go animal watching
Lucas Scarfone

From seals to eagles to whales, you can spot an abundance of animals wherever you are on Vancouver Island. Don’t forget your binoculars!

  1. To practice yoga by the ocean side
Lucas Scarfone

Practicing yoga in a confined room may feel a bit restricting, but on the islands, you can practice yoga wherever your mat lays like by the beach, on a pier, or on the balcony of your hotel room. Tofino Yoga in Tofino host classes all around the area. They really do an amazing job incorporating the natural surroundings in the practice while keeping you focused on meditation.

  1. To relax at the spa

Nothing says relaxing like spa time. Treat yourself during your stay with a spa treatment in between all your outdoor activities.

  1. To just wander by bike, car, or foot

There’s so much more to see on Vancouver Island and the best part is depending on your mode of transportation, you’ll experience its beauty differently every time.

Featured image: Lucas Scarfone

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