The 15 Best Sandwiches in Toronto

As you can imagine, everyone had very strong opinions about what sandwiches were tops and where to go. We’re lucky to live in a city where our chefs do not kid around when making and preparing the best sammies…
The 15 Best Sandwiches in Toronto

Just the other week, I was at a gathering with friends where we seriously debated about sandwiches for a solid ten minutes. As you can imagine, everyone had very strong opinions about what sandwiches were tops and where to go. We’re lucky to live in a city where our chefs do not kid around when making and preparing the best sammies and today on StyleDemocracy, we’re sharing just some of our favourites:

Brock Sandwich

This tiny sandwich shop packs a huge flavour punch. The combos are classic (strip bacon sandwich) to inventive (BBQ smoked jackfruit) and always made with care. 

Dundas Park Kitchen

There is something so cozy and charming about Dundas Park Kitchen, including their sandwich selection. One of my favourites is their Turkey Intern, which has super-moist roast turkey breast with house-made pickles, bacon and caramelized onions.

sandwiches in toronto
To-go sandwiches from Dundas Park Kitchen (Image: Instagram/@dundaspark)

California Sandwiches

It’s a Toronto rite of passage to have a California Sandwich. This Italian eatery will have you licking your fingertips of the fresh cooked sauce bound to end up everywhere. Get the eggplant parm or the classic veal, they are a crowd fave.

sandwiches in toronto
The classic veal from California Sandwiches (Image: Instagram/@terrylung613)

Porchetta & Co.

Okay so I’m going to let you in on a little secret: while the porchetta sandwich at this namesake venue is pretty legit, you know what you should order? The fried chicken sandwich. With bacon and a Caesar dressing, it’s like a party in your mouth and everyone is invited.

best sandwich in Toronto
The fried chicken sandwich from Porchetta & Co (Image: Instagram/@porchettaandco)


Anything dedicated to the art of bacon already has a seal of approval from me. But an entire sandwich shop dedicated to bacon? It’s a blessed day. One of my favourites is the Bacon & Brie sandwich, complete with caramelized onions and garlic mayo. If that didn’t sell you, then not to fret because they have bacon grilled cheese to bacon caesar sandwiches.

sandwiches in toronto
The bacon & brie sandwich from Rashers (Image: Instagram/@eatnmingle)

When The Pig Came Home

For some folks, The Junction may seem so far away. But trust me: you want to make a visit here! This deli either cures, seasons, smokes or roasts their sandwich meat in house daily. Their smoked meat sandwich is a thing of beauty, but don’t take my word for it.

sandwiches in toronto
A smoked meat sandwich from When the Pig Came Home (Image: Instagram/@lioraipsum)

La Cubana

Delicious and filling, you won’t try another Cubano in the city like this one.

sandwiches in toronto
Pressed Cubano from La Cubana (Image: Instagram/@_anotherfoodblog)


Many pizza debates have included a good slice of Bitondo’s, located in Toronto’s Little Italy neighbourhood. But their deep-fried calzones and meatball sandwiches are nothing to turn your nose at.

sandwiches in toronto
Meatball Sandwich from Bitondo’s (Image: Instagram/@skipscarborough)

PG Clucks

If you’re looking for the fried chicken sandwich in the city (according to the judges of 86’d Monday’s at the Drake), then this is the spot. Their chicken sammie is topped with coleslaw giving it an adding crunch and zing. Plus, these sandwiches are mammoth.

sandwiches in toronto
The classic from PG Clucks (Image: Instagram/@pgclucks)

Schmaltz Appetizing

We have to thank Anthony Rose (of Rose and Sons and Big Crow fame) for blessing us with the beautiful bagel porn that is Schmaltz. For those who have an affinity for lox and schmear, this is the place to go.

sandwiches in toronto
Smoked salmon bagel sandwich from Schmaltz Appetizing (Image: Instagram/@thestaveinvader)

Tortería San Cosme

An amazing addition to Kensington Market serving up twists on the traditional Mexican sandwich. Check out their Nopales which is stuffed with cactus, panela cheese, refritos, avocado and topped with salsa verde.

Torta de Nopales from Torteria San Cosme (Image: Instagram/@sancosme_)

Banh Mi Boys

If you’re wondering if this place is worth the hype (and lunch time line-ups) – yes, it is. The Vietnamese-fusion sandwiches are cheap, filling and super delicious. Try the kimchi fries and banh mi pork belly.

sandwiches in toronto
A Banh Mi Boys feast (Image: Instagram/@lifeofivana)

The Black Camel

People travel all the way out to Rosedale for these sandwiches and for good reason: they are incredible. One unforgettable standout is the pulled BBQ pork shoulder which they rub with in-house seasonings and marinate for three days.

sandwiches in toronto
The pork shoulder sandwich from The Black Camel (Image: Instagram/@lekatwalk)

Forno Cultura

The sandwiches here are out of this world. It also helps that they bake all their bread in-house, which means as soon as you enter that freshly baked bread smell wafts thru the air. The porchetta sandwich is one of my favourites – it’s simple and feels like you’ve been transported directly to Italy.

sandwiches in toronto
The porchetta sandwich from Forno Cultura (Image: Instagram/@tabemononado)

Maker Pizza

While we’re all familiar with the inventive pizza combos that Maker has, you need to check out their messy (and delicious) sandwiches. Case in point: the meatball. It’s a towering beast of gooey and drippy meat and bread awesomeness.

sandwiches in toronto
The Meatball from Maker Pizza (Image: Instagram/@angelodamico)

Did we miss any of the best sandwiches in Toronto? Let us know in the comment section.

Featured Image: Brock Sandwich via Instagram/@alxndrdrgz

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