5 Beauty Products You Should Never Spend Your Money On

It’s time to say goodbye to beauty products that waste space and cost way too much money. Here are 5 beauty products you should never spend money on.
5 Beauty Products You Should Never Spend Your Money On

If your New Year’s resolution sounded something like, “I’m going to eat better, sleep more, say yes and buy less,” but yet somehow your house and life look like a scene out of TLC’s Extreme Hoarders, we feel you.

There’s nothing more satisfying than buying something new. Perhaps it’s a little bit of a retail rush, or an, “I worked hard for this” moment, but splurging every now and again has its emotional perks. Sadly, the more we consume, the more our lives become riddled with clutter, expired products and a shortage of storage. That’s why, this year, we’re promising to cut down on our obsession with spending, and buy fewer products that boast more bang for their buck.

First things first, go through and check the expiration date on every little thing, even the products in your shower. The general rule of thumb is to not hold onto anything for more than 6 months, especially mascara. Once you’ve removed the spoiled SPFs and self-tanners, it’s time to start parting ways with a few of your treaures. While the task might feel more arduous than you signed up for, a serious purge always feels fantastic. And if you’re feeling a certain way about chucking the products that allotted you that VIB Sephora Rouge status, throw a party and give your friends a few of your time honored treats.

Check out a few beauty buys we’ve already said sayonara to and will never spend out money on again: 

Eyelid Primer
While this product isn’t a total gimmick, you can manage without it. Simply put, despite greasy lids, your liner and the like won’t slide off. Instead, prime your eyes with a heavy-duty concealer that will keep things lasting longer. Once you’ve primed, work in a great setting powder that will ensure your YouTube tutorial skills don’t go to waste.

Pedicure Products
We know that nothing looks as good as a pedicure feels, and that’s why we leave this job for the professionals. When is the last time you actually took time to scrub your soles and buff your cuticles? A good rule of thumb is to visit your nail salon once a month during sandal season and exfoliate your feet in between sessions. There’s no need to go out and purchase a foot-specific product for this. Any gritty facial scrub will fare just fine.

Lip and Body Scrubs
This one definitely brings us back to our last point. You definitely don’t need a separate face, lip, feet and body scrubs in the mix. One multi-purpose product will definitely do the trick. We love the idea of making a skin-safe product that you’re in control of. Whip together an organic honey and Pink Himalayan salt scrub that will leave your skin bright and clean.

Split End & Frizz Fighting Serums
Your vanity shelf definitely doesn’t have room for these products. We hate to say it, but a sealer or serum just weighs down your strands. And while your coif might look great post application, these products are not actually working the miracles they claim. Simply put, invest in a regular trim and a keratin treatment every now and again to ensure silkier strands and a split end free mane.

Shower Loofahs
We know that these colourful little clouds make your soap application all sudsy, but guess what, they’re kind of gross. They are actually harbouring a boatload of bacteria that can prove to be harmful if you let these little guys linger longer than necessary. A good rule of thumb is to replace your trusty loofah every 3 weeks, but if you simply keep forgetting, invest in a great bar of soap instead.

Are there any other beauty products we should stop spending money on?

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