11 Perfect Road Trips You Should Go On This Fall

Skip the pumpkin patch this autumn, grab your car keys and hit the road. Check out these 10 road trips that are worth taking this fall with your significant other.
11 Perfect Road Trips You Should Go On This Fall

“Fall” in love with Ontario this season.  It’s time to take in the some of the specular sights that our beautiful province has to offer.

Skip the pumpkin patch this autumn, grab your car keys and hit the road. Check out these 10 road trips that are definitely worth taking this fall with bae or your bestie.

Drive safe!

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

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This Southern-Ontario provincial park is nestled within the town of Mono, right along the Bruce Trail. This back-to-nature beauty is also part of the Niagara Escarpment Park System and the Biosphere Reserve.

Prince Edward County

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Known for their wineries and Instagram-worthy hotels, this gem will please everyone that’s packed in the car. Bring a picnic blanket and get cozy at Sandbanks Provincial Park, or grab a meal in Picton.


Port Dover

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Located just a few hours southwest of the city, the Cape Cod of Ontario is begging for your patronage. This road trip wonder will also prove to be perfect for the bike enthusiast in your life.



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People flock here in the summer for a taste of Ontario wines, but we definitely prefer it in the fall. Take a drive town the tree-lined old town that features heritage homes and sprawling views.



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Voted the prettiest little town in Canada, this short drive west of the city is also known as the cobblestone capital of our country. Park your car and check out their picturesque museum, or grab a meal at the iconic Arlington Hotel.



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This gateway to Blue Mountain sees flocks of tourists year-round. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in historic sites and cultural highlights including a museum, this is the drive for you. This beautiful town also boasts a harbour, walking trails and parks.


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Just a short drive east of the city, this small town boasts boutique shops and beautiful beaches. Take a walk through the historic downtown or the conservation area to get your fill of fall nature.



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This idyllic community in Bluewater has a small population but a big heart. Just two and a half hours west of the city, this beauty sits on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. Once you park your car in this fairy tale town, be sure to check out the artist’s studios or the boutiques down Main Street.



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This little village in Markham is a short drive from the city and boasts a vibrant shopping, food and fashion scene. Walk along the historical Main Street and take in the sights that have been relatively untouched since 1794. 



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This small town just an hour and a half west of Toronto boasts history and happening hot spots. This short drive will prove to be ideal for those looking to hike or cycle, as it hits a portion of the Trans-Canada Trail that highlights incredible scenic views.



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Warm up with a little whisky in Windsor this fall. J.P Wiser’s recently opened its own brand experience centre with a bar and a view of the Detroit River. Guests are allowed to stop by for a tour to learn about J.P Wiser’s grain to glass whisky process and partake in whisky tastings

Where will you road trip to this fall? Share your favourite destinations in the comment section.

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