5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Makeup This Summer

Check out five ways to keep your cosmetics in line with whatever budget crunch you’re on.

The idea of having a couple hundred dollars each month for self-care is entirely unattainable – but equally necessary. Luckily, we’ve detailed five ways you can save money on makeup without having to resort to used products on LetGo. 

Check out five ways to keep your cosmetics in line with whatever budget crunch you’re on.

1. Buy multitasking products: Rather than investing in five separate products, opt for one beauty buy that can complete a few more tasks. For example, a blush that can also act as a highlighter, or a cheek stain that can double as a lip lacquer. The options are truly endless on this one, you just have to look around. 

2. Shop at warehouse sales: It’s true, some beauty brands get rid of their products in mass quantities – and yes, these sales are open to the public. Check-in to sites such as yours truly on a routine basis to track down events in your neighbourhood. 

3. Stock up on samples: Who doesn’t love samples or mini hotel products for that matter? If you find yourself in a luxe resort with tiny bottles of shampoo and the like, be sure to pack these in your carry on. Stores such as Sephora will also give you samples when you checkout online or in-store, so be sure to spring for these if you’re interested in trying out new brands.

4. DIY: You likely have these products laying around the house, so all you need to do is work at it! If you’re looking to save on soap, you can track down simple and organic recipes that can help you stockpile your shower necessities. And if you’d like to make a few extra bucks on the side, you can always sell your creations at a farmer’s markets or on sites such as Etsy.

5. Spring for Generic: Big brands are amazing, but don’t forget to show your love for drugstore products as well. Some $5 dollar mascaras actually work better than their $30 dollar rivals, so just do your research or ask around. Brands such as Essence Cosmetics can easily arm your beauty bag with guilt-free budget-friendly buys on the regular. (Check out this article to see our drugstore favorites)

Do you know any other tips and tricks on how to save money on makeup? Share them in the comment section below!

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