5 Places to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Purchasing discounted gift cards is a great way to save money on products and services you’d normally be unable to find on sale.
5 Places to Buy Discounted Gift Cards

No joke: I’m constantly looking for ways to save! Whether it’s saving money on clothing, food or experiences, I love finding a deal. However, I’ve come to learn that there are some products and services that I just can’t purchase at a discount.

While it’s hard to score a discount on items like gas, the newest electronics, fine dining and luxury goods, I recently discovered that I can save money by purchasing discounted gift cards in order to save on the full price items I really want to buy.

Purchasing discounted gift cards is a great way to save money on products and services you’d normally be unable to find on sale. Below you’ll find five places where you can score deals on gift cards. 

Tip: purchase your discounted gift cards using a credit card that offers cash back for double the savings.

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Costco members can reap the benefits of purchasing discounted gift cards with ease. Pop into any Costco Warehouse or online at Costco.ca to shop deep discounts on gift certificates purchased in multiples (i.e two $50 gift cards for only $80). The savings on purchasing gift cards at Costco is worth taking advantage of when budgeting for larger group outings like spa days, movie nights and dinner parties.


The ‘OG’ of buying and selling discounted gift cards, CardSwap offers Canadians a fast, easy, and secure way to sell unwanted gift cards for cash, buy gift cards and earn rewards. Visit CardSwap to browse and purchase gift cards from over 450 popular retailers and have them shipped to you for free. While these gift cards are not discounted, CardSwap offers “SwapPoints” with every purchase that can be redeemed for free gift cards!


Small but mighty, GiftCardsWild is a great source for scoring retailer gift cards at a discount. GiftCardsWild does all of the work for you of buying, authenticating, selling and shipping other people’s unwanted gift cards to you, at a fraction of the cost. Savings range from 7-25% off the face value of the gift card and gift card balances are guaranteed by the site’s “Lion Protection Program”.

Group Buy Sites

Group buy sites like Groupon, WagJag and Buytopia are an awesome resource for purchasing discounted gift cards on essentials like gas, food and beverages. While these gift card offers are rare, when you see this type of promotion, be sure to act on it quickly. Also be sure to use these discounted gift cards quickly, as they are often tied to an expiry date that retailers implement to boost short-term sales.

National Grocery Stores and Drugstores

Keep an eye out at your local grocery store or drugstore for an end cap display or wall of retailer gift cards (also known as a Gift Card Mall). These displays are stocked full of gift cards from popular retailers nationally. You’ll often find weekend discounts on select gift cards within these displays for a 10% off discount or bonus points towards the store’s loyalty program.

Did we miss any of the best places to buy discounted gift cards? Share them in the comment section.

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