7 Clothing Alteration Ideas To Renew Your Wardrobe On A Budget

7 Clothing Alteration Ideas To Renew Your Wardrobe On A Budget

Being a shopaholic comes with a price. It’s always so tempting to go on a shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe – especially since wearing the same clothes can get repetitive, which makes it even more enticing to splurge.  Instead, you could just make little adjustments to your clothes and refresh your wardrobe. 

1. Create Your Own Daisy Dukes

When summer is approaching it’s easy to spend a months salary on new dresses and shorts. Instead of wasting money on denim shorts, take a pair of jeans and mark a line, depending on how short you want to make them. Then simply cut the legs off your jeans. You’ll find after you wash them they’ll look more natural.

If you’re not keen on shorts, then crop your jeans and roll them up. Then with a pair of fabric scissors add a few rips and tears. This style works best with boyfriend or mom jeans for a casual laid-back look.

2. Redesign The Classic T-Shirt

The T-shirt will never go out of style. Change it up, by knotting the front of your shirt to make it cropped. If you’re feeling brave, then grab a pair of scissors and turn it into a vest or crop top. Get inventive and create tears or rips for a boho festival inspired look.

3. Tailor Your Clothes

We all go through periods of weight loss and weight gain. It can be especially hard on your wallet to buy new clothes every time there’s a fluctuation. Instead of throwing out clothes that no longer fit, get them tailored. Simply adding some darts in the back of a dress or adjusting a blazer can make it look like it’s brand new.

4. Transform A Dress Into A Top

If you have a dress that you no longer wear then turn it into a top or blouse. If the fabric frays, then take it to a seamstress to cut and hem. If the material doesn’t fray then simply mark the dress and cut it yourself for a whole new look.

5. Hit The Haberdashery

Add some personality to your old clothes. Sew on some lace or ribbon or try adding buttons to an old sweater. Create a corset by threading lace up your blouse or t-shirt. Lace can add a feminine touch to anything; sew some onto a plain white top to make it chic.

Find some denim fabric so you can add panels to an old shirt to make it summer ready. Smarten up your old blazer or jacket that lacks structure by picking up some shoulder pads.

6. Add Sleeves For Winter

If you have a sleeveless blouse or dress then alter it to make it wearable for the winter. Find a similar or complimentary fabric and get a tailor to create sleeves. Alternatively, you can cut the bottom of a dress and use the material to add sleeves, turning your sleeveless dress into a blouse.

7. Create A Whole New Outfit

Do you have an old maxi dress you don’t wear anymore?  Use all that fabric to create something entirely new. If you’re not a natural on the sewing machine then take it to a tailor along with some pictures of what you want to turn it into. You could transform it into a playsuit, trousers or a skirt. This trick is economical as you could even get two pieces out of the fabric.

Constantly renewing your wardrobe can get expensive. It can be a lot more affordable to alter your own clothes or take them to a tailor for a professional finish. Impress your friends with your creativity and see the difference in your bank account by transforming your own clothes.

Have you ever tried out any of these alterations? Let us know in the comments!

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