4 Places To Get A Winter Jacket Under $100

Stay warm and toasty this winter. It is possible to find warm and affordable winter jackets — you just need to know where to look!

If you’re anything like me, every year you wait until the last possible minute to finally invest in a winter coat — and even when you do, you’d rather not splurge on one if you can help it.

Even though in Canada, it’s winter, for what feels like three quarters of the year, bringing yourself to spend more than a hundred dollars on a single item, for what is quite possibly, the worst season of the year, can be nearly impossible.

Having to bundle up for nearly six months isn’t exactly something most of us look forward to. The good news is, there are a few stores that have your back when it comes to saving you money and keeping you toasty warm this winter.

You already know where to get the best winter boots, and now here are four places to shop affordable winter jackets under $100.


affordable winter jackets

H&M is a reliable, inexpensive, one-stop-shop for just about all of our clothing needs, including seasonal outerwear. When the temperature starts dropping below zero, H&M is a good place to grab some gear to protect you from the cruel, unforgiving Canadian winter, if you’re on a budget.

If you’re looking for something on the trendier, more stylish side, you can find one for as low as $59.99. Or, if you’re on the hunt for something warmer and more practical, you can find padded parkas for $99. Whatever it is you want to sport this winter, you can either order it online to be shipped directly to you, or shop in-person.

Forever 21

affordable winter jackets

Like H&M, Forever 21 is another affordable go-to for women’s attire. The main difference between the two is that Forever 21 tends to supply bolder, more fashion-forward styles, as opposed to the timeless basics that we love H&M for. So, if you’re more likely to choose style over warmth, and you’re looking for a faux fur jacket, trench coat, leather jacket, puffer jacket, bomber jacket, peacoat, or a parka with a flare, this is the store for you. With prices starting as low as $30, online and in-store, you really can’t go wrong.


affordable winter jackets

Simons has a reputation for being on the more expensive side and for carrying countless brands that one might consider to be less economical than H&M and Forever 21. Although that is true to an extent, Simons also carries high-quality styles that are durable, warm, and won’t break your bank. Brands such as TWIK, Only, ICHI, and B. Young have puffers starting at $39.95. 

Hudson’s Bay


Hudson’s Bay is as Canadian as they come, and is an absolutely classic place to shop for just about anything. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Hudson’s Bay definitely has it. Not only can you find a winter jacket for well over a hundred dollars if you wanted, you can also find one well-within your budget. Brands such as TOPSHOP, Canadian Olympic Team Collection, Noisy May, Vero Moda, Weatherproof, Askya, Dex, and Only, to name a few, have trendy puffer jackets, peacoats, starting at $53.00, and parkas starting at $57.85.

Similar to Simons, anything you pick out from Hudson’s Bay is sure to be of a high quality standard and something that could potentially last you way more than just one winter. On top of that, they carry all of the bold, trendy colours and styles, simpler, warmer options, and even winter-sport-appropriate outerwear. Hudson’s Bay has a winter coat for whatever you’re into.

Featured image: Instagram/@lafabriquecrepue