The AGO To Offer Free Admission To Anyone Under 25

The AGO To Offer Free Admission To Anyone Under 25

If you’re looking to get cultured this summer, the time is now.

The AGO has just announced that it’s offering free passes to anyone under the age of 25.

Starting on May 25, head to the AGO for free entry if you’re 25 of under but if you’re not, the museum is also testing out a plan to offer a $35 annual pass with the hope that museum goers will make visiting more of a habit.


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To put it in perspective, a one-time visit to the museum is $19.50 and that doesn’t include special exhibitions. If you decide to go with the annual pass, you also get access to the museum’s special exhibitions.

Gallery Director and CEO Stephen Jost says that he hopes this will encourage more people to buy the pass instead of single tickets. These single-ticket admissions are going to increase to $25 from $20 and will include special exhibitions.


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Jost also says that selling more individual passes will allow the gallery to learn more about visitors so it can tailor marketing and promotional material to what they’re interested in.

When someone visits the museum and buys a ticket, the museum doesn’t get to know them and they’re just anonymous. But if you have a pass and the museum notices you favour certain exhibitions for example, the museum will let you know about future events that may interest you.

In addition, the AGO also announced a new all-day party called AGO All Hours. This party set to take place three times a year. The event will change through the day and will attract everyone from families and art lovers, to late-night party folks.

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