6 Items You Should Always Buy at Costco

Do you really save money shopping at Costco? Be aware of the items worth buying in bulk. Keep reading for the 6 Items you should always buy at Costco.
6 Items You Should Always Buy at Costco

Do you really save money when shopping at Costco? While the majority of items at Costco are sold in bulk at a discount, you’ll often overspend on perishables that you can’t consume before expiry and impulse items that you didn’t budget for… Shop smarter at Costco by being aware of the items worth buying in bulk on your next shopping trip. Keep reading for the 6 items you should always buy at Costco.

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Rotisserie Chicken

Ready-made rotisserie chickens are a steal at Costco. For a quick family meal, you can’t go wrong with picking up a hearty chicken here (and that’s if you can grab one before they’re all gone)!

Tip: Costco’s pop and hotdog deal in the cafeteria area is also a steal, and makes for an affordable lunch on the go!

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Paper towels and toilet paper are basic necessities you constantly run out of. No matter the size of your household, Costco has you covered with a wide variety of brands and quantities to supply small families all the way up to small businesses.

Tip: Buy Kirkland Signature brand paper towels and toilet paper to save the most money. Their quality is on par with national brands.

Cakes and Bakery Items

Need a quick half slab for a birthday party? Go to Costco. Their ready-made cakes in the Bakery department are super affordable and convenient. No order necessary!  

Tip: Costco’s bakery department is swarming with samples on weekdays so shop hungry for some sweet treats.

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A Costco carrot cake (Image: Flickr/m01229)


Stock up on AA batteries at Costco; you won’t find a better price elsewhere. Like with other essentials, the Kirkland Signature brand is on par with national brands but at a lower price.

Tip: Look for the ‘price per unit’ specified on Costco price tags to get a clear picture of how much you’re saving/spending in comparison to the same item at competitors.  

Non-Refrigerated Sauces and Dips

The selection of multi-pack pasta sauces, dips and condiments at Costco is huge and a deal when compared to major grocery store chains. Stick to buying non-refrigerated items with a longer shelf life to get the most value.

Tip: Shop with a friend and divide up bulk items amongst two households and split the cost (and the savings)!

Supplies for Small Businesses

We checked out Costco’s first Business Centre and were impressed with the bigger than bulk selection of household items for large families and small business owners. From napkin dispensers to folding tables to bank safes, Costco should be your first stop for small business essentials at great prices.

What items do you only shop for at Costco? Leave a comment below.

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