Take a Peek Inside Costco’s First Business Centre

Loyal Costco members are excited over the newest warehouse concept to enter Canada. Keep reading for what to expect at the new Costco Business Centre.
Take a Peek Inside Costco's First Business Centre

Loyal Costco members are excited over a new warehouse concept that just arrived in Canada over the weekend. On Friday, March 31st, Canada welcomed its first Costco Business Centre at 50 Thermos Road in Scarborough.

The Costco Business Centre is a smaller concept warehouse, offering a wide selection of business-oriented merchandise and is currently open to all Costco members. Intrigued? Here’s what to expect at the new Costco Business Centre:

At the Costco Business Centre in Toronto, you won’t find the apparel, toys or bakery items you’re used to at a traditional Costco Warehouse. Rather, you’ll uncover a huge selection of ‘bigger than bulk’ quantities of items geared towards small business owners in the restaurant, grocery, and convenience sectors.

costco business centre

That’s right – at the Costco Business Centre you’ll find everything from a $1,000 wheel of Parmigiano cheese to a $4,600 commercial fridge! While these items may not be on your weekly grocery list, we spotted tons of families browsing through the Costco Business Centre searching for savings different from Costco Warehouses across the GTA.

costco business centre costco business centre costco business centre

While the product selection, size, and assortment differ significantly between Costco Warehouses and Canada’s new Costco Business Centre, we also noted operational differences between the two concepts including fewer checkouts, less spacious parking spots and limited hours. Costco Business Centre hours are Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm, Saturdays from 7 am to 4 pm and closed on Sundays.

Have you visited the new Costco Business Centre? Leave a comment down below letting us know what you think.

All images by Cristina Avila

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