7 Apps To Download To Help You Save Money At The Grocery Store

7 Apps To Download To Help You Save Money At The Grocery Store

Everyone loves the thrill of a good deal, but who says that has to be limited to a new lipstick or a pair of shoes? Let’s face it, grocery shopping might not be the most romantic of topics but we all gotta eat. We’re all about being as real as possible — and hey, if you’re saving up on bread and eggs, who’s to say you can’t treat yourself to those shoes at the end of the month?

Here are 7 grocery apps to download that’ll help you save money at the grocery store!


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Remember the days of flipping through all the grocery store flyers that would clog up your front step or your mailbox? Well those days are long gone. Flipp lets you compare flyers, coupons, and prices all in one handy-dandy place — your phone! The app pulls up offers from over 1,000 local stores. Just search for what you’re looking for, compare which is cheapest, and find that store with the lowest price! 


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Drop is a free loyalty points program that rewards you for — well, for spending money. All you have to do is shop through the app or link your credit/debit card, and each purchase will accumulate points. Then you can use them towards gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, or more. A rewards program for our generation. 


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Coupon collecting isn’t just an activity for our parents anymore. Similar to Flipp, Reebee is a flyer app that compares prices and flyers amongst your local stores, making your weekly fridge stock-up a breeze. Make a shopping list, see which stores will do price match, and you’re well on your way to saving both time and money! 


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Banking for millennials and Gen Z’s, KOHO offers both an app and a reloadable card that pays you every time you spend money with 0.50% cash back. This is great for not just groceries, but now you can totally justify buying that $8.99 tub of ice cream that isn’t on sale. The app is also a great financial management tool in general because it lets you automate your savings and budget — plus there are no monthly fees! We call that a win-win.  

Checkout 51 

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Checkout 51 is a cash back app — essentially returning money to your wallet every time you buy groceries. Offers come out every week (every Thursday, to be exact), so all you have to do is buy whatever is on offer and then upload a photo of your receipt onto the app. Rewards and discounts will be added to your account and you can cash out your cash back balance once it hits $20. Easy peasy. 



Similar to Checkout 51, Caddle offers cash backs on weekly offers that come out every Thursday. Shop offers and upload your receipt on the app to rack up cash back rewards. Also similarly, you can cash out at $20 and a cheque will be mailed to you. However, Caddle also offers other opportunities to earn money, such as by answering short surveys or watching advertising videos. Plus, every time you refer a friend you get $1. It pays to use grocery apps!


grocery apps

Another cashback rewards app, PayMi rewards you for shopping at its partnered retailers. It’s super simple to use as well, since all you have to do is link your bank accounts on the app. Plus, if you use a CIBC card, you get double the cash back rewards. You can then cash out the rewards using Interac E-transfer for a $1.50 fee if your balance is under $25, and for free if it’s over $25. Plus, the retail partners are varied enough that it’s not just groceries that you can use this one for!  

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