Bath & Body Works Reveals Launch Timeline For Canadian Online Store

All of the Bath & Body Works lovers out there will soon be able to purchase their fave candles and body care products without dealing with exchange rates. Fortunately, the brand is launching a Canadian online store this fall. 

Bath & Body Works has created a cult-like following with its foamy hand soaps, lovely scented candles, mini hand sanitizers, And so much more. 

The company announced its timeline for the launch of its Canadian website on Instagram this week.

Up until this year, Canadians would have to either shop in-store or on the American website. The problem with the current site is that it’s all in U.S. dollars. So, Canadians have had to pay hefty prices and shipping fees if they want to purchase online. 

Although there’s no exact date yet, this is definitely exciting news to look forward to for the next season!

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