6 Best Online Stores To Buy Comfy And Affordable Loungewear

Whether you’re looking for active loungewear or cute pajama sets that meet your girls’-night-in criteria, you’ll find it all in this article. 

Winter and Christmas are just around the corner, which means it’s time to bring on the loungewear for hibernation! Here are some of our favorite online brands for new couch gear that you can shop without ever leaving the couch! Investing in your self-care and comfort is important and we encourage valuing that time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. Let’s get comfy!

Whether you’re looking for active loungewear or super cute pajama sets that meet your girls’-night-in criteria, you’ll find it all in this article.


Athleta is a great online shop for active loungewear that’s suitable for Netflix binge-watching, hitting the gym and grabbing groceries – it’s a three-in-one! We are all for investing in versatile options for a modern lifestyle without compromising great style.


We love Gap loungewear and it loves us back – how romantic! They have an amazing section of PJs and loungewear for snowy days when you know from the moment you wake up on a weekend morning – you ain’t leaving home that day, god bless. And the best part is that it’s super affordable, which means you can get multiple options for every day of the week!


It’s time to get comfy with Uniqlo! We are loving their super affordable lounge sets – no decisions to be made, simply throw on the set and wind down with some tea and a good book…or watch a double feature. All that matters is you’re comfy and blissed out! 


Aerie is the place to go for loungewear that meets your girls’-night-in criteria! Their brand’s focus is on loungewear and cuteness. It checks all the boxes to make you feel like a princess while painting your nails, doing a face mask and dancing around to your favorite guilty pleasure song – go all in with Aerie, ladies!


They’ve got a 100% human collection – miraculous loungewear that is also more than suitable for the public sphere.  Since launching their first 100% Human collection in January 2017, the brand raised almost a quarter million dollars for the American Civil Liberties Union and this winter you can support it, too! The brand also carries a plentiful selection of sweatshirts and hoodies to toss during your lounging!


We take lounging very seriously. Anthropologie may be a bit more pricey than the other brands, however, we think it is a wise investment to get the most out of your rest and relaxation. Their loungewear selection is so nice, the majority of it we’d be more than proud to rock to the grocery store, a yoga class or a coffee with a friend. They also have a great selection of sleepwear and intimates – this section we recommend for just around the home and you’ll also be super confident when taking out the garbage 😉

Featured Image: Instagram/@aerie