20 Black-Owned Restaurants In Toronto To Order From

20 Black-Owned Restaurants In Toronto To Order From

Toronto is widely known for the endless options of diverse food on almost every city block. The selection of food here truly is a reflection of our multicultural diversity and we love to support these local restaurants. To help show support, we have rounded up black-owned Toronto restaurants that serve up delicious food. During these troubling times with all that is occurring throughout the world, we must come together as a community. We must do what we can to support not only these local restaurants but our diverse culture.

Here Are 20 black-owned restaurants to order from in Toronto.

Royaltea Coffee  

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Most people start their morning with a nice cup of hot coffee to get ready for the day. Royaltea Coffee is a Toronto-based company that specializes in premium Kenyan Coffee Beans. With rich African grown coffee and exotic teas that are bursting with flavour, there is no doubt you should grab a bag for your cupboard. You can find both medium and premium-roast coffee, along with a cinnamon and cardamom tea, and black tea.

Peta Cakes


Peta Cakes is owned and operated by a self-taught baker who creates custom cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. You can find delicious cakes in flavours like vanilla, classic chocolate, marble, red velvet, strawberry shortcake, lemon raspberry, coconut cream, and caramel apple spice. Cakes are not the only delicious treat you can find here! There are small and large cake jars, as well as treat boxes that include a cake jar, dipped strawberries, banana bread, and more.

True True Diner

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Known for its great food and excellent customer service, True True Diner is a soulful modern diner nestled into the stylish King and Jarvis area. Owned by celebrated chef Suzanne Barr, True True has been voted one of Toronto’s best brunch spots, but there are tasty lunch and dinner options, too. This casual diner is accompanied by brilliant culinary expertise that was acquired through travel and a love of food and its dishes are nothing shy of a delight.

Mummy’s African Caribbean Kitchen


Mummy’s African Caribbean Kitchen welcomes you as if you are a guest at the dinner table and it’s preparing freshly made, traditional, and generous portions for you daily. Once you’ve tried a few of the flavourful dishes, you’ll be a repeat diner and find yourself with cravings.

Veez Vegan

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With a clean bright setting to go along with its clean eating menu, Veez Vegan is a completely vegan restaurant you can find in York. Striving to enhance the options to our community and trickle out poor eating habits, this Caribbean restaurant has a variety of appealing dishes with the bonus of being healthy. Some of the freshly made dishes you can find here include eggplant lasagna, maple jerk tofu, curry chickpeas and potatoes, cinnamon squash stew, steamed okra, and so much more.

Jamaica Stamp

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Jamaica Stamp is located in Scarborough and it’s a go-to for many locals. With its barrel smoker right in the parking lot filled with authentic and rare pimento wood burning, it will be sure to catch your senses as you pass by. This hot spot has a range of take-out options from authentic Caribbean beverages, pastries, soups, and main courses. When you get a chance to order from this restaurant make sure you try the jerk chicken or oxtail with a side of rice and peas!



Allwyn’s is known right across the city as it operates three locations to serve you. Serving a variety of freshly made authentic Caribbean dishes at budget-friendly prices, Allwyn’s is infamously recognized its flavourful jerk dishes, patties, and of course, coco bread.

African Palace

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If you’re looking to experience some of the best Ethiopian/Eritrean meals, make sure you head to African Palace that’s located on Bloor West. It’s here that you’ll find dishes prepared with as much local fresh produce as possible. Serving vegetarian and meat meals with the extra added bonus to choose gluten and vegan options.



With multiple locations, Roywoods has been winning the hearts of Torontonians since opening. This genuine Caribbean take-out hot spot has it all. You will find many delicious dishes like jerk chicken or pork, escovitch fish, oxtail, curry goat, sandwiches, and more. Not to mention, sides like plantain, jerk or BBQ wings, callaloo, beef patties, and a great selection of drinks like Old Tyme ginger beer, coconut water, and pink Ting!

Flavours Of Sheba

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Flavours of Sheba is located in the heart of the city with a menu full of traditional Ethiopian cuisine bursting with authentic flavours. You can choose from an array of delicious dishes that will fill your belly. Dishes like mild or spicy chicken or beef tibs that are sautéed with onions, garlic, and peppers, jerk chicken that is cooked to perfection, Zigni – a spicy beef stew, and much more. Not to mention, there are vegetarian options like the Vegetarian Platter that’s filled with an assortment of vegetables like cabbage, chickpeas, collard greens, lentils, split peas, and a complimentary salad.

Classic Juice Company


Classic Juice Company is a healthy hot spot on Coxwell where good vibes are intertwined with both good food and good people. With a rotating menu that is seasonal to ensure freshness, this family operated business handcrafts immunity shots, cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and wraps. You can find the current menu by following Classic Juice Company on Instagram as this is a family that loves to stay connected with the community.

Get Grill


Get Grill is known for creating mouth-watering dishes through the sauces and spices that are used in this Afro-Asian kitchen. You can find an array of savoury dishes here like the suya steak and chicken wrap, shombo grilled veggies, jambalaya rice, seafood bowls, and so much more. Bab T. even sells his infamous spices that make these dishes so delicious. After just one taste, you’ll fall in love with this fusion food.

The Heartbreak Chef


After first spotting The Heartbreak Chef of Guys Grocery Games, we wondered why we didn’t know about him sooner. Residing in Parkdale and serving up comfort soul food that is seasoned just right, The Heartbreak Chef has spectacular service and delicious dishes and you can find masterpieces like the ‘Big Ass Chicken Sandwich’ which is fried chicken coated with buffalo sauce with pickles and coleslaw. Then there’s ‘The Dutty Chicken Sandwich’ which is spicy jerk chicken, deep-fried to perfection, and served with pineapple and coleslaw. Along with sides like fried brussel sprouts, mac and cheese, and more, you’ll be hooked!

Crystal Eatery


Crystal Eatery focuses on seafood and traditional Jamaican dishes so you can expect to find jerk chicken, oxtail, roti, porridge, large snapper, and so many when you order here. Don’t forget to grab a drink — Crystal carries a selection of drinks like Tropical Rhythms, Tropical Delight, and Ginger Beer. In the mood for soup? Check out the number of tasty soups that are also being served up!

One Love Vegetarian


One Love Vegetarian serves up Caribbean-infused vegan meals and trust us, they are nothing like you’ve had before. With a small but tasty menu of dishes like chickpea potato or pumpkin roti, BBQ tofu stir fry with rice and peas, corn soup infused with coconut and scotch bonnets, and more, you’ll be glad you stopped in!

Albert’s Real Jamaican Food


Albert’s Real Jamaican Food is a go-to on St. Clair that has been around since the mid-’80s. With a foundation that stemmed from the talent of his mother’s creative love for food while focusing on quality products, this Jamaican dining experience will keep you coming back for more. Choose from the selection of meat dishes, dinners, roti, savoury snacks, and sides. Try out Albert’s ginger beer, carrot juice, or Irish moss – they are all delicious!

Rasta Pasta


Rasta Pasta is a Kensington Market fave that is a fusion of Jamaican and Italian cuisine. At Rasta Pasta everything is made from scratch and you can tell! You can find dishes like jerk chicken, oxtail, salt fish with ackee, its famous grilled paninis, and much more. With staple dishes like The Portland Jerk Port, Jamaican Mi Crazy Chicken, Dreadlock Pasta, Jerk Lasagna, and more, you’re bound to find something that will keep you coming back again and again.

Caribbean Queen


Caribbean Queen does it all by serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desserts. With dishes like ackee, saltfish, kidney, liver, salted mackerel, curry chicken, goat, and more alongside your selection of sides or homestyle Jamaican soups.

The Jerk Spot


The Jerk Spot might be tucked away at Spadina and Baldwin, but it should not be overlooked. This small eatery has a classic island feel to it and you will find dishes like oxtail, jerk chick, rice and beans, patties with coco bread, and more.

Veggie D’Light


Veggie D’Light believes in eating well and feeling good. This Kensington Market Caribbean spot is not only vegan but it’s also organic, non-GMO, and can easily accommodate dietary preferences. Here you’ll find dishes like curry supreme, jerk seitan, moringa loaf, served with your choice of carb. Along with a selection of veggies, soups, roti, pizza cakes, and even kombucha tonics!

Ordering from these businesses is one way to support our black communities right now, but you can also support through donating. 

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