Mother-Daughter Duo Launches Subscription Box To Empower Young Girls

Being a young teenage girl can be rough sometimes, especially in today’s society. It can feel overwhelming and like every single day is a new battle, to the point where you struggle with self-love and care. What if I told you there was a subscription box that can help fuel both positivity and girl power while creating safe community for girls? Guess what, there is!

Girl Gang Strong is a perfectly curated bi-monthly subscription box that was created for all girls.

This Black-owned business was created by Toronto-based event planner Kennishia and her tween Kyree. The goal is to help create a community that inspires and empowers young girls everywhere.


This mother-daughter duo recently launched these bi-monthly subscription boxes and they include around 5-8 age-appropriate products. These products may include phone accessories, beauty or health products, cute stationery, unique jewellery, educational products, and hair accessories. Each box is packed full of love for the young girl that is receiving it and encourages every girl to just be herself.

No matter your hair type or the colour of your skin, the subscription helps address difficult subjects like puberty, race, and self-confidence While celebrating individuality and building a strong community for young girls.

Girl Gang Strong provides a safe place online to help girls to love who they are. When you get your first box, you’ll find a special code inside that gives you access to join the Girl Gang Strong app. This way you will forever be a part of the Girl Gang VIP Community. This community encourages you to be your true self while discussing ideas and offers inspiration every day.


When you subscribe to Girl Gang Strong, you’ll be joining a community that encourages self-love, female empowerment, and embracing our differences!

Girl Gang Strong is currently donating proceeds from the box subscriptions to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

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