5 Tips From A Celebrity Stylist On How To Combat Summer Hair

5 Tips From A Celebrity Stylist On How To Combat Summer Hair

When it comes to your style, your hair sometimes goes overlooked — but a good head of hair can drastically change your appearance and play a major role in your confidence. Because of this, it goes without saying that we should always take care of our locks, but what some don’t realize is that different seasons call for different routines.

In the summer, our hair faces its biggest enemy: humidity. From the weddings and get togethers, to long days at the beach and outdoors, heat damage from hair tools, plus frizz and high levels of moisture in the air can take our hair from 100 to zero, real quick.

We’ve still got a couple months of hot weather ahead (fingers crossed), so we’ve turned to celebrity stylist and artistic director for Marc Anthony, Marilisa Sears, for some pro tips on how to combat summer hair and prep for winter. With experiencing blessing the tresses of celebrities like Laura Dern, Emily Ratajowski, Hilary Swank, and more, we’re all ears!

1. Air dry is best

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Look for products that play up the natural texture of your hair. An accent on your natural texture saves you grief and is quicker to get done so you can enjoy the sun!

We love Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long 10-in-1 Everything Foam. It has tons of conditioning to cut down the frizz and a little hold to invisibly coat and protect from frizz. Dispense a dollop in your hand and gently emulsified then run the foam through your hair and air dry.  

2. Use anti-frizz products

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When choosing an anti-frizz product silicone-free is the way to go. You need something to control frizz, without the heavy coating that silicones could cause, allowing hair to move more naturally. Silicones can sit on the hair and can add even more frizz to the problem. We love Bye.Bye. Frizz 8-in-1 Perfecting Serum. Instead of silicone it is formulated with Abyssinian oil; sort of nature’s frizz fighter. It penetrates and shields hair from humidity to help keep frizz away while leaving hair touchable and frizz free. 

3. Go light on hold

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A little hold is always welcomed, but when the weather gets humid go light on any sort of hold product. You don’t want to create a sticky mess. Once you get your hair sorted all you need is a little bit of control to keep the look. As humidity takes its toll, an invisible shield can help get you through the day. We love Bye.Bye. Frizz Humidity Shield Hairspray; it is built to let hair move while protecting the look. 

4. Don’t go against your hair type

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This is not the season for curly haired clients to blow out hair, or for straight haired clients to overwork the curling tongs. There is no winning when the heat and humidity levels rise. Find a way to embrace your natural hair type, it will go a long way to making summer more enjoyable. I tend to change the way a cut sits according to the seasons, the humidity in the air makes for more movement so that changes the way hair sits. The dry air of winter leaves hair a little limper so the cuts I do tend to have more texture to add movement though the cut.

5. Moisture always helps


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Don’t confuse humid with moisture when it comes to your hair. The fact that your cuticle sits open in this weather means that moisture can escape leaving hair frizzier than before. Our Miracle Hair Masks give love all year round but are perfect for summer heat. For hair that lays limp in the heat a moisture/volume mask works wonders. Ensuring the scalp is clean while adding moisture to the hair is a sure way to get some va-voom back into your summer hair. Our Instant Miracle Mask Volumizing Clay Hair Mask has three types of clay to deep clean and add moisture to tired summer hair.

If you tend to get frizzy and dry during summer months a high-level moisture mask is the perfect solution. You want ingredients that not only add much needed moisture back into the hair but an invisible protective barrier to keep humidity out which keeps helps keep hair frizz free. Try our Instant Miracle Mask Damage Rescue Hair Mask for hair that feels and looks summer fresh. Infused with Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Keratin that help get the job done.

6. And don’t forget to prep your hair for the winter

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Never stop moisturizing, it’s the simplest way to transition to winter weather. As much as summer is about humidity, winter is about dry air. A weekly treatment not only helps to control the frizz by adding moisture, it’s also about ensuring your hair does not dry out giving way to static and flyaways in the winter. Try our Instant Miracle Mask Damage Rescue Hair, full of deep moisture with Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and protection via Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Keratin.

Each and every Marc Anthony product Marilisa suggests can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart for just $11.99. And if you’re interested in getting your tresses blessed by her, visit Marilisa at Marbella Hair Lab on Avenue Road in Toronto.

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