Meet Design By Sevan: Toronto’s Most Trusted Custom Engagement Ring Designer

Meet Design By Sevan: Toronto’s Most Trusted Custom Engagement Ring Designer
Courtesy of Design by Sevan

All too often, engagement ring shoppers find themselves in situations with little knowledge about design. The average person has an idea of what they want, but for most, the process of shopping for engagement rings — particularly custom ones — is a road unknown. 

Big box companies that offer custom designs often leave shoppers with cookie-cutter styles with little actual customization, while independent designers seem out of reach. 

But for detail-focused individuals, settling isn’t an option — and it shouldn’t have to be. A custom engagement ring should be full of personality, both from the wearer and the designer, too. 

At Design by Sevan, you’ll get just that.

design by sevan

Based in Toronto, Sevan’s personal history and approach are all you need to know to feel confident in your ring making experience. 

Sevan’s interest in jewellery started at the young age of 10-years-old, and it wasn’t long until he was working as an apprentice in Istanbul learning how to set diamonds. After working as a diamond setter, Sevan took his skill to Canada and began working with experienced jewellers, but quickly realized that while he loved creating jewellery, he loved learning and creating stories around each ring more — he wanted to interact with customers, discover their personalities, and help them build the ring of their dreams. 

And so, Design of Sevan began. 

design by sevan

Today Sevan has multiple Consumer Choice and Top Choice awards under his belt. 

His clients boast about his experience, education, and honesty. To him, creating a custom piece of jewellery isn’t about sales, it’s about the relationships and the trust he builds with his clients, because that is how he’s able to build a truly unique ring. “Most importantly, I want everyone that puts on a ring from Design by Sevan to love it and leave happy,” Sevan tells us. “The ring on their finger represents my work, and in no way would I sacrifice the quality and trust that goes into it.” 

Design by Sevan leaves the pretentiousness normally associated with custom jewellery behind. 

His entire process is incredibly simple. To start, Sevan meets with clients to discuss the ideas, educate them on diamonds and the possibilities that work within their budget and vision. “The diamond selection is the most important aspect of the design.” Sevan then gets to work on drawings, collaborating with the client on the designs, and uses his vast expertise to find the perfect diamond.

After that, the ring is cast in gold or platinum, and the diamonds or gems are hand set. But unlike other companies, Sevan’s process is completely transparent, and clients are invited into his world at any point of the process. 

Each journey ends with a stunning engagement ring, full of personality and especially made for the individual in mind.

While picking an engagement ring or custom piece of jewellery can be overwhelming, Sevan makes creating a personal piece easy. 

And even if you’re not planning on getting married anytime soon, a visit to Sevan’s showroom, located in the heart of downtown Toronto at Richmond and Spadina, is a must. 

Building off the expertise that he’s known for, Sevan and his partner recently launched a fine jewellery line. Called Lu & Lo, the collection, which you can also shop online, is made up of delicate necklaces, solid gold earrings, and more. 

Lu and Lo

To learn more about Design by Sevan, visit or book an appointment to visit the showroom. 

See more photos from the Design by Sevan showroom below. 

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