This New Toronto Dessert Shop Serves Cookie Dough by the Scoop

Dough TO in Kensington Market is a pop-up shop that sells cookie dough in all the flavours you can imagine, so you can fulfill those cookie dough cravings.

The best thing about whipping up a batch of baking cookies is getting to lick the leftover dough from the spoon. And now you can skip the hard work and go straight for the licking, because there’s a new dessert shop dedicated to cookie dough in Toronto. 

Doughlish in Kensington Market is a pop-up shop that sells cookie dough in all the flavours you can imagine, so you can fulfill those cookie dough cravings. At any given time, there are about four flavours to choose from, but the roster changes every weekend to keep things exciting. One week it could be white chocolate chip, and the next week it could be Froot Loops. 

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Inside Doughlish (Image: Lisa Xu)

And we know what you’re thinking… Won’t raw cookie dough make you sick? Well, you don’t have to worry about E.coli or salmonella at Doughlish; their products don’t contain eggs or dairy, and they use heat-treated flour.

Prices range from $5-8 depending if you want your dough in a cup or cone. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Along with the decadent dough, you get a shot of almond or regular milk, making it an unbeatable pair.

Doughlish will be at Kensington until the end of July, and their future is yet to be determined, give you all the more reason to add a visit to your summer food bucket list.

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White chocolate chip cookie dough with a shot of milk (Image: Lisa Xu)

Featured Image: Instagram/@twohangryvegans 

Visit Doughlish at 206 Augusta Ave. in Toronto until July 24.

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