Instead Of Sales, Everlane Has A “Choose What You Pay” Section

The Everlane Choose What You Pay section is a win for shoppers and a win for the brand. With Radical Transparancy, shoppers know where their money’s going
Instead Of Sales, Everlane Has A

‘Tis the season for retailers to go absolutely nuts with sales. During the holidays, it seems like everywhere you look, a store is trying to clear out its inventory with offerings between 10 and 60% off.

But one retailer who does it differently is Everlane.

For those who don’t know, Everlane began as an e-commerce-only retailer. The brand offers shoppers Radical Transparency, meaning that everything they make is of the utmost quality, made in the most ethical ways, and they’ll tell you exactly how they do it.

Everlane’s line of basics have somewhat of a cult following.

Today, they make clothing, footwear, and accessories for both men and women, with only the finest of materials. Along with their garments, Everlane shares stories of how their products are made, as well as the true cost of every single thing they sell.

Everlane searches the globe far and wide to find the best factories in the world. The people behind the clothing work in great environments, earn fair wages, and work reasonable hours, too.


While traditional retailers typically mark their products up 5-6 times, Everlane marks theirs up by just 2-3. They break down the cost of product — from materials to labour to transportation, duties, and hardware — for all of their shoppers to see.

As you can see above, shoppers are basically already getting the best price Everlane can offer when they shop online, so hosting Black Friday and Boxing Day sales don’t really make sense for the retailer. They could actually argue that they offer 60% off all the time — that’s just how their prices are built.

Everlane doesn’t participate in the typical price slashing that most other brands and retailers do.

But if you are looking for steals and deals on the Everlane site, they actually offer something a lot more interesting than a classic sale section.

everlane choose what you pay

The Everlane Choose What You Pay section is the brand’s version of a sale.

They actually describe the section as better than a sale. Here, shoppers will find a wide variety of products, chosen by the Everlane team themselves. Products will vary throughout the year, but the offerings include a selection of footwear, denim, tops, outerwear and more, over both the men and women’s categories.

Shoppers won’t find Everlane’s classic staples in the Choose What You Pay section, but they will find a big selection of high-quality, stylish, and affordable items.

everlane Choose What You Pay

How the Everlane Choose What You Pay section works:

The process is actually quite simple! Just head to the Choose What You Pay section and start browsing. Once you click on a product, three prices will pull up: the lowest to the highest.

When you click a price, you’ll get a description of how much you’re actually saving on the original price, as well as how much Everlane makes off of the price and what they are using the markup to cover. For example, the lowest price covers development and shipping. The middle price covers development, shipping, and overhead to pay Everlane’s team. The highest price covers development, shipping, overhead for the team, and allows them to continue to create new products.

You choose what you pay and how much you’d like to support the brand. It’s a win for you and for Everlane’s team.

everlane pay what you choose

Everlane’s Black Friday initiatives are pretty cool, too.

While shoppers aren’t scoring crazy deals like they would at other retailers, they can take solace in the fact that by shopping with Everlane, they’re helping solve global issues.

This year for Black Friday, Everlane has partnered with Surfrider Foundation to get plastic off of beaches, before they hit the ocean. Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, and straws are among the top 10 things found on beaches across the world, and as you probably know, that’s not good for our wildlife or our water.

For every order placed on Everlane during Black Friday, they will donate $13 to Surfrider to help fund beach cleanups across North America. Essentially, one order equals one pound of plastic off our beaches.

Everlane is working towards a goal of $250,000 to remove 20,000 pounds of plastic. So, if you’re feeling charitable, make an order and help some sea turtles while you’re at it!

Featured Image: Instagram/@Everlane