10 Things To Do With Your Dad On Father’s Day in Toronto

We came up with 10 activities to do with your pop’s on father’s day.
10 Things To Do With Your Dad On Father's Day in Toronto

We make such a big deal about mother’s day every year that Father’s almost seems like an afterthought. Father’s day is me calling my dad and bro the night before to find out what we’re gonna do. I’m trying to do better this year, that’s why I came up with 10 activities to do with your pop’s on father’s day.

Go See A Game

With the Jays playing in Baltimore and TFC off next Sunday you may have to go bar or stay at home if you wanna watch Sports. The good news is there are lots to watch, thanks in part to EuroCup Starting last week


If your dad is more of the go out and do something kinda guy, why not go cycling. Next Sunday is calling for +29 and sunny. Toronto has a bunch of cycling paths and trails that are perfect for mountain biking or city cycling. Don’t know where to go? Check out BlogTo’s comprehensive list of cycling path’s and trails here.


 Golf/Driving Range

Golf can be a great time relax (depending on your dad’s temper) and unwind. Maybe grab lunch and couple of beers in between the front and back nine. Most courses already booked so you may be out of luck, but if you’re still looking to whack a couple of balls – go to the driving range. The Driving range is fun, cheap and you won’t spend 5 hours of your life baking in the sun.

Whisky Tasting

Awaken your sense with a good old fashion whisky tasting. Most of Toronto’s top Whiskey bar are offering tastings on Father’s Day. Do your research, not all whisky bar’s a created equal. It’s all about getting the right vibe.


Is your dad young at heart? Take him paintballing. When in life have you ever been able to bruise your dad and it’s completely fair game? The 6ix has some pretty great spots to go paintballing including Sgt. Splatters, Paint Ball City and Defcon paintball city.


You can never go wrong with taking your dad out for a meal. Here’s a list of the best patios in the city, take him out! Sunday is calling for amazing weather, so you can’t go wrong.

Axe Throwing

Get your urban lumberjack on and hit up Battle Axe Toronto this father’s day! The great thing too is that they’re offering drop-in lessons, for $20 each, you and your dad can learn how to toss axes!


Rock out with your dad this father’s day! Toronto has a bunch of amazing musical acts this summer. Check out our list of the best concerts to check out here


Fishing season starts this week, which makes next weekend the perfect time to go fishing. You have a bunch of options too. You can head up to your cottage (if you have one). If you don’t have a cottage or you don’t feel like camping, there are a bunch of places to fish in Toronto. With 25km of public shore to fish on, Toronto is surprisingly a great place to fish.

Leave him alone

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call, I know some father’s just like to be left alone and not be asked for money or a ride or w.e you need that day. Maybe all he needs is some alone time!