Fly For Cheap, The Best Airfare Websites For Cheap Flights

The Best Airfare Websites For the Cheapest flights

As we all know… Flying and travelling can be really really expensive. Sure there are AIR MILES, and it always seems that I have a friend that has recently been somewhere for free or “Just on Miles”, but that’s never me. I never seem to have enough miles to go anywhere other than Buffalo. So, I was super stoked to come across a Business Insider article outlining the three best sites for finding cheap airfare.  Next time you are planning a trip, skip the regular sites like Priceline and Expedia, and check out these four sites instead.

cheap flights wasn’t included Business Insider’s list and you can’t technically buy flights from the website, but if you live in Toronto & love to travel, you’ll quickly fall in love! This website lists daily cheap flight deals travelling to X from Toronto and surrounding areas. All the deals listed are crazy low and include $197 (taxes included) roundtrip from Toronto to the Bahamas$264 (taxes included) roundtrip from Toronto to Cancun, $392 (taxes included) roundtrip from New York to Nairobi, Kenya and tons more. Check back to this website often because they update regularly and sometimes they’ll even post round-the-world trips for under $1000!

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The Flightdeal is an interesting website, it shows deals that are often considered “Fat Finger mistakes”. Minor pricing errors made by airlines can mean big savings for you. Flightdeal tracks down these prices and sells them to you before the airlines can fix the mistake. The deals do not last for long, so if you see one that works for you.. Pounce on it.

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Skiplagged is a serach engine that finds all the cheapest flights that are going to your city, including incomplete trips or “throwaway tickets”. What’s a throwaway ticket? Throw away tickets are tickets you purchase to an unpopular destination. For example say you want to go to Los Angeles. Toronto to LA is quite an expensive trip, however if you pick a less popular destination like Tuscon Arizona, which has a stop over in LA, you can simply get off in LA and forgo the rest of the trip to Arizona.

SkipLagged shows all the flights where you can do trips like this. Please note though if you take this travel option you cannon check your bags, as checked bags will end up at your final destination.

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If you like no-frills and the easiest way to see the cheapest flights, it’s literally a Matrix on the cost of flights by day. It’s helpful seeing how much flights vary from day to day, because just adjusting your trip from say a Saturday to Saturday to a trip lasting from a Thursday to Thursday can save you hundreds of dollars.

All in all, flexibility is key to finding cheap flights. If you can be flexible you can save!