Travelling Over the Holidays? How to Save the Most Money

The Holidays is a popular time for a lot of people to travel; some people prefer to head south and out of the winter snow

The holidays are a popular time for a lot of people to travel; some people prefer to head south and out of the winter snow, others want to spend time with distant family and friends – whatever your reason is for travelling through the holidays, here are some great tips that will hopefully help you save:

Avoid driving yourself to the Airport

The price of “Park and Fly” at airports are notably higher during the holidays because parking becomes a huge demand. Have a friend drop you off, seek out public transportation or call a cab. All of which are much less expensive than the cost of leaving your vehicle at the airport for a week or two.

Pack Gift Wrapping paper Separately

With heightened security, especially during the holidays, security officials will likely tear open your gift at the airport, which ultimately means you’ll have to spend money on new tags and wrapping paper.

Opt for Connecting Flights

While this option might not appeal to a lot of travelers, going for a connecting flight can actually save you quite a bit of money – that is, if you are willing to sacrifice time.

Splurge During Lunch

As many of you restaurant lovers can attest to – eating at a restaurant for lunch is always significantly less expensive than what is offered for dinner. Yes, you’ll get better and bigger options for dinner, but there’s a price tag to go along with that.

Staying in a City Next Door

We all know how expensive staying at a hotel in a popular city like Toronto, Montreal or even New York City can cost, try choosing a town or city next over and compare the prices. Sometimes all it takes is a short car ride over to the neighbouring town that can ultimately help you save some big bucks.