12 Things We Learned From FoodGod Jonathan Cheban At Square One

12 Things We Learned From FoodGod Jonathan Cheban At Square One

Attention all foodies! Get ready to buckle up and head to Square One to check out their soon-to-open Food District

Just yesterday, I got a sneak peek of Square One’s new Food District and I got to meet the FoodGod himself, Jonathan Cheban. Plus I even got to listen in on Square One’s live podcast recording where Square One Marketing Director Toni Holley asked the FoodGod all the questions that I’m sure we’ve always wanted to know!

Keep reading to get to know Jonathan Cheban a little bit more and step inside the mind of The FoodGod himself as we got a preview of the new Square One Food District, set to open to the public on April 4!

He’s Nicer In Person

One thing people might not know about Jonathan is that on TV, he’s brutally honest and is known for not kissing anyone’s ass, including Kim K’s. Jonathan says he’s much nicer in person and I can attest to that after having a quick chat with him during our photo op.

jonathan cheban square one food district
Photo courtesy of Ryan Emberley Photography

He Gets “Foodstruck” All The Time

People get starstruck all the time but Toni asked The FoodGod if he’s ever been “foodstruck” and the answer is: all the time! Jonathan told us that one time in Miami, sweetened condensed milk and chocolate were poured in his hands and he was told to wash his hands in it and eat it. As strange as the experience was, Jonathan says it was definitely memorable.

Another “foodstruck” moment for Jonathan is whenever he’s in Ibiza at Sublimotion, a multi sensory restaurant. He told us that the whole experience there is insane and virtual so the visuals are always changing as you eat. One second you could be on Orient Express or underwater with the room smelling like the ocean, but then it changes to a carnival and smells like cotton candy. 


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His Fridge At Home Is Empty

When asked what was in his fridge at home in New York, Jonathan told us that it’s literally empty and it’s been empty for forever. There’s never any snacks, and don’t come over hungry. Jonathan never has anything to ever serve guests if someone comes over because he always goes out to eat. Sometimes if Jonathan’s feeling fancy he’ll spring on a bottle of water to have in there but that’s it.

He Eats Out 365 Days A Year

What makes Jonathan the FoodGod is that he is always eating out at a restaurant. Since there’s never anything in his fridge at home or he’s travelling, he’s left with no choice but to dine out and he loves every minute of it.

Jonathan Never Gets Sick Of Eating Out

This is a valid question and it was one I was quite curious about. Surprisingly, the FoodGod told us that he never gets sick of eating out. His whole day revolves around food from the second he wakes up, he starts planning where he wants to eat that day. What a life, eh?

The Food Trend He’s Totally Over

One food trend that Jonathan is done with is 24k gold on everything. Whether it’s gold flakes or gold glitter, if the FoodGod says it’s out—it’s out. 

He’s Got A Lot On His Plate—Literally!

Jonathan is the face of Burgerim, a U.S burger chain that’s known for their customizable burgers. In addition to the burgers, he’s also working on launching a candy subscription service with Sugar Factory. Not enough for you? Keep your eyes out for the FoodGod video game that’s in the works. Jonathan told us that he’s got his sights set on being the second self-made billionaire after Kylie!

jonathan cheban square one food district
Photo courtesy of Ryan Emberley Photography

Quick Fire Round:

Fave meal of the day?

Jonathan answered this one with zero hesitation. His fave meal of the day is dinner.

Any Late night cravings?

The FoodGod isn’t a fan of late night eats. Plus he’s got nothing to eat at home anyway, remember?

Fave pizza topping?

Nothing. Jonathan’s a purist when it comes to pizza and prefers New York-style pizza. Like a true New Yorker, the FoodGod folds his slice and pro tip— Jonathan says to salt the bottom of the pizza and you’ll get a salty and cheesy flavour in every bite! Genius!

Any food pet peeves?

One thing that Jonathan can’t handle is cinnamon being sprinkled on cappuccinos. Both him and his mom aren’t fans of cinnamon— who knew?

Any last meal requests?

His last meal would either be at Mr. Chows or Nobu— both in LA. For dessert, he would have to pick churros. The FoodGod has spoken!

Featured Image: Ryan Emberley Photography

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