New Ultra-Low-Cost Airline Launches This Month with $29 Canadian Flights

This June, Swoop Airlines takes to the skies.

A few months ago West Jet announced the unveiling of their new ultra-low-cost airline and this June, Swoop Airlines takes to the skies. The goal of the company is to simplify air travel and make it accessible for every Canadian.

On June 20th, Swoop will take its first flight and is expected to change the way Canadian’s travel.  While ultra-low-cost flight travel seems amazing, it does come with drawbacks.  While scoring flights for $29 seems like a major win, the airline will work in a pick your own service fashion.

What this means is that once you pay your base fee everything else is additional. Flight snacks, Wifi, Movies, extra bag, even carry on bags may be subject to additional fees. If you’re someone that likes to travel light then this is the airline for you.

Currently, the airline is offering flights from Hamilton to Abbotsford B.C. but plans on expanding to more Canadian destinations in the near future.

If Swoop adds enough destination we think this will be awesome for Canadians to discover their own country. We often hear that when resented with the option to travel within the country or go internationally, the international option is often chosen because Canadians have routinely been able to get cheaper flights out of the country than within.

Happy flying.