10 Ways To Make Travelling As Glamorous As Possible

10 Ways To Make Travelling As Glamorous As Possible

If you’re planning on taking some well deserved vacations this summer, why not travel in the most glamorous way possible? Now when I say glamorous, I don’t mean spending all your money in frivolous ways, like on a $3,000 pod in first class — not that I’d object if offered one. Being strategic on spending and what you bring with you, can make any travel experience all the more special and more importantly, more comfortable.

Invest In Quality Headphones

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Do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of quality noise-cancelling headphones so you can enjoy your music or in-flight movie. Everyone knows the struggle of being on a plane with a crying baby and a good pair of headphones can be just the fix. You’ll never catch your zzz’s when the plane engine is too loud or the snoring passenger next to you is getting on your nerves.

#SDPick: Sennheiser PXC 500 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone, $429

Stay Hydrated

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Sitting on an airplane for hours can be extremely dehydrating so staying hydrated is super important. Make sure you grab a giant water bottle (or fill up your own!) before your flight. We all know how crucial it is to stay hydrated throughout the day and it’s even more critical to drink up in-flight.

#SDPick: FIJI Water 1L Bottles, $34.99 for pack of 12

Stay Cozy In Cashmere

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Whether you’re travelling on a plane, it’s important to stay as comfortable as possible. Planes can get chilly with all that faux-air being blasted throughout the cabin and cozy cashmere is the answer. Whether you choose to wrap up in a cashmere sweater, wrap, or pair of socks, the odds are that you’ll be all warm and fuzzy the next time you travel!

#SDPick: Sofia Cashmere Portofino Travel Set, $550

Grab The Right Carry-On

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Choosing your carry-on can make or break your airport experience. Choose one that’s too small and you’ll be left lugging around a bag that’s about to break, or one too big and you’ll have trouble squeezing it into the overhead compartment. I suggest using a small wheelie bag as carry-on because not only will it be easier on your shoulders but also easy to stash. The perfect carry-on bag will have you rolling through the terminal like a jet-setter!

#SDPick: Away Travel – The Carry On, $325

Condense Your Reading Materials

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Love catching up on some reading when you’re travelling? Me too, however I’m not about to carry a stack of heavy magazines in my carry-on. Grab your tablet or smartphone and load in all your favourite mags to read. Not only will this lighten your load in your baggage, but how handy is it to have it all in one place?

#SDPick: Apple News+, $12.99/month after a one month free trial

Pack Your Own Snacks


Planning for a major trip can be super busy and exhausting but make sure you grab your own snacks before you head to the airport. Not only is airport food much more expensive but your options are slim and probably not the healthiest. Pack a few Ziploc bags of snacks like almonds, dried fruit, and a granola bar and you’re good to go!

#SDPick: CLIF Fruit Smoothie Filled Energy Bars, $27 for pack of 12

Don’t Forget Sunglasses

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A dark pair of tinted sunglasses is exactly what you need to look glam and to protect your eyes on a long-haul flight. The right pair of shades will hide any dark circles or puffy bags and still have you looking fresh, even if you’re under caffeinated and jet-lagged.

#SDPick: CELINE Square Sunglasses, $634

Skincare In The Air Is Key

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The air is so dry on planes and it’s well known that it can wreak absolute havoc on your skin. As you know, it’s mega important to drink lots of water in-flight but it’s just as crucial to take the time to do some skincare. If possible, I recommend taking off makeup, and slathering on a thick moisturizer for ultimate hydration. Pack some concealer, powder, lipstick, and bronzer with you to freshen up and reapply for when you land.

#SDPick: Summer Fridays Jet-Lag Mask, $59

Spring For Lounge Access

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If you’re looking for the ultimate in glam travel, springing a bit extra on lounge access in the airport is the thing to do. Not only does having access to an airport lounge ensure a much cushier travel experience but it gives you a quiet, and comfortable space with complimentary refreshments. While each airport lounge is different, some have private rooms so you can nap, and some even have spas so you can de-stress with a quick pre-flight massage!

#SDPick: Priority Pass – membership starts at $99 with access to over 1200 airport lounges

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

veja sneakers travel glam styledemocracy

While it may seem glam to strut about the airport in a pair of heels, it can easily become not-so-cute when your gate changes and you have to trek, or worse, run to the other side of the airport. Be smart, but still look chic in a pair of flats or sneakers the next time you travel.

#SDPick: Veja Esplar Sneaker, $169

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