10 Tips From The Pros On How To Travel Cheap

10 Tips From The Pros On How To Travel Cheap

As the weather warms up and the dread of winter is behind us, so comes the time for the summer trip. Whether you’re planning a big adventure across the pond or a smaller excursion south of the border, vacations can eat into your savings very quickly if you’re not careful with your money.

We sat down with Cornelia Audrey and Lindsey Middleton, who run the series Happy Her. These savvy ladies have been all over the world and are pros at keeping their finances in tight order, and they’re willing to share the secret to their successes.

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Read on to find out 10 ways to make your next trip really pack a punch, without hurting your pocketbook! 

Find Free Walking Tours

“Our favourite thing to do in any major city is to hit up a free walking tour! We love doing these on our first day so that we can get a feel for the geography, politics, culture and history of where we are staying. The best part is IT’S FREE. Of course you have the option to tip your guide (and please do, they live off these tips).”

Travel In The Off Season

Flights will be cheaper, accommodation will be cheaper and easier to find if you like to book last minute and attractions won’t be as busy. April and May are a beautiful time to travel to most countries, and you’ll still get summer weather! Also, traveling on a weekday will also save you some precious cash.”

Try a Workaway

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“This changed the way we travel. It is essentially volunteering without the huge bill and a question mark behind where your money is actually going. Workaway is like a Craigslist for travelers and hosts. You want to spend some time farming in Argentina? Hop on the site, check out the reviews of other travellers with hosts who offer this, and off you go for whatever agreed upon period of time. Best of all, you don’t pay for accommodation. Most places ask that you work a short 5 hour day and then you can spend your time frolicking about.”

Go To The Grocery Store

“Yes, we know you’re travelling and trying new cuisines is an essential part of traveling, but if you want to save some dollars then get to the grocery store. Grab a baguette, cheese, a bottle of wine, and off you go on your picnic! If you have the means to store some food then even better!”

Try House Sitting

“People are willing (and wanting) to let you stay in their house FOR FREE! Sometimes there are also dogs or cats! TrustedHousesitters is the best spot to find some free accommodation and privacy at the same time. If you are more extraverted, try CouchSurfing and make some local new friends while visiting their city. They are bound to have some insider knowledge as well!”

Limit Yourself To A Carry-On!

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“Planning a shorter trip? Pack light to save on airline luggage fees. We’ve noticed that as of recent, more and more airline companies are charging you for your checked luggage. Long gone are the days of getting one checked bag free with the purchase of your ticket. *Sigh*.”

Bring A Reusable Water Bottle

“Save on buying bottled water and pack along your own water bottle. Hydration is key, especially when you’re exploring all day and dancing all night long. The water will keep your body feeling its best, you’ll save on money, and you’ll be saving the planet at the same time.”

Book Flights Well In Advance

“We’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Sure, it may seem fun to leave booking your flights ’till the last minute. You feel all adventurous and risky — pro travellers don’t need to plan, right? Wrong. You’ll end up paying top dollar as most airlines jack their ticket prices up as time goes on. Why? Because they can.”

Take The Subway/Metro/Tube

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“Whatever you want to call it, public transit is key when it comes to saving money. Sure, Ubers and cabs can be easier (and sometimes safer, so don’t hesitate to take in certain cities, especially at night) but public transit is most often the way to go, especially during the day.”

Convert Your Money Before You Go

“International ATMs often charge high fees and offer poor conversion rates. Plan ahead, and know which countries you’ll be going to before you leave. Order the appropriate amount of cash through your bank and pick it up before you leave. Having to take money out when your away can be tricky. Not all ATMs will work with your cards and sometimes you’ll get charged hidden fees and wacky exchange rates. Plus, you never know if places are going to take credit cards, so it’s good to have some good old-fashioned cash on hand.”

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