Meatless Meat, Cookie Dough And Other Food Trends You Need To Try This Season

Soon Torontonians are going to hit the streets, enjoy the weather, and explore the latest food trends the city has to offer. Here are the top 6 food trends you need to try this season.

Toronto is arguably known world-wide as Drake’s hometown, but beyond that, the city is also popular for its ever-evolving food culture. With spring and summer around the corner, Torontonians are going to hit the streets, enjoy the weather, and explore the latest food trends the city has to offer.

To make things easier for you, here are the top six food trends you need to try this spring, either in the city or at home.

Meatless Meat

Yes, meatless meat is very much a thing, but foodies and restaurants are finding more creative ways to substitute meat in a dish. Take barbecue chicken wings for example; instead of using chicken wings, replace it with cauliflower, or substitute the beef in tacos with tofu, which is actually also a much more affordable option.

Cookie Dough

Our childhood dreams have come true with scooped cookie dough. But don’t hesitate, though they are served raw, there aren’t any raw ingredients that can harm your body.

German Pub Grub

On a night in the city, why not try some traditional German dishes alongside your beer? Dishes are similar to modern American foods but with a unique twist: spätzle is like mac and cheese but with homemade macaroni and instead of ketchup with your German sausage, try a traditional curry sauce.

Poke Bowls

Poke is a Hawaiian dish served with raw fish like tuna on top of a bed of rice, topped with sesame seeds, edamame, seaweed and more, built to your desire. This is served throughout the city but is also super easy to make at home. Looks like it’s time to replace taco Tuesday with Poke!

Cultural Cafe Experiences

Rather than visiting your go-to coffee shop this season, consider trying different kinds of coffee flavours like Armenian coffee, traditionally stronger and steeped differently, or Australian cappuccino that has hints of chocolate.

Matcha Everything

From matcha flavoured ice-cream, macarons, bubble tea, cakes, and baked goods, matcha is everywhere and it’s here to stay. You can find matcha, powdered green tea leaves, in all forms across the city. If you’re feeling experimental, try a matcha recipe at home and share it with us @StyleDemocracyFood with the hashtag #StyleDemEats.

Have you tried any of these food trends? Share with us in the comments section.

Featured image: Instagram/ @junkedfoodco

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