A Super Popular Broadway Musical Is finally coming to toronto

A Super Popular Broadway Musical Is finally coming to toronto

Attention all musical theatre lovers! The time has finally come because popular Broadway musical Hamilton is officially coming to Toronto.

The announcement that hamilton the musical was coming to Toronto was made back in 2017, but Mirvish launched its 2019/2020 season today and Hamilton made the cut.

For some, the musical might seem a bit dull but once you know the story, it’s captivating.

The focus is on Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies, who worked alongside George Washington throughout the Revolutionary War. What’s unique about this historical musical is that it combines history (duh!) with different musical styles like rap and hip hop.

hamilton musical toronto

The musical’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has said that Hamilton is the story of America then, as told by America now.  

Tickets for the show are expected to get expensive, and sell out so make sure you keep a close eye for when tickets go on sale!

Hamilton comes to the Ed Mirvish Theatre at 244 Victoria St. starting on February 11, until it comes to a close on May 17. 

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