Here’s How You Can Get Paid to Play with Dogs

Calling all animal lovers! The perfect side hustle does exist. You can get paid to play with dogs just by signing up on this website. Think of it like…
Here's How You Can Get Paid to Play with Dogs

Nowadays, we’re all trying to find the perfect side hustle; a job on top of your 9-to-5 that earns you some extra income. But when it comes to finding a part-time job that you’ll actually enjoy doing… Well, the struggle is real. Luckily, for animal lovers, the perfect side hustle does exist! And it’s super easy to get into.

Allow us to introduce you to DogVacay, a website that connects pet owners to pet sitters a.k.a you! The job is perfect for those who long for fur friends, but for whatever reason, can’t commit. DogVacay will connect you with cute pups, cats and other animals to watch for a short period of time.

So what are the earnings like? According to DogVacay’s website, committed sitters can earn up to $3000 a month. Yup, that’s just for playing with cute animals and making sure they get everything they need while their parents are away. Think of it like the Airbnb for animals. Pet sitters get to choose the animals they watch, when and where they watch them. So for example, if your roommate is allergic to dogs, you can actually choose to watch the pet at the owner’s homes – it’s a 2-for-1 deal! You get a cute fur friend and a staycation. Ain’t that nice?

To sign up, all you need to do is head to DogVacay’s website, create a profile and undergo a background check. Once you’re approved, you set the rate per night you’d like to charge and watch the bookings roll in. It’s that easy!

Will you sign up to get paid to play with dogs?

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